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Hey, it’s been a long time. I was reading some other stuff at the same time so I took that chance since we changed arc.

Entire book spoiler

This book seemed so long but maybe because I was reading it slower than usual. We went back to a calmer situation. Lots of stuff happened in this. Just wanna say I like Aberu. He’s like Rosewald but without being broken in Magic. I was sure the hunter was with him at first. He didn’t deny it. Now I wonder why the hunter killed Subaru if they heal him when they found him.
Toddo why??? you were such a bro. He turned psycho. I can understand that you burn the forest to prevent demon beast but it was stupid. It’s surprising that there is none in Borakia(ボラキャ) Does that mean that all the witch archbishops are in Borkanica? Interesting. Why won’t they go into Barakia, the desert full of them is just beside though.
The amazones were pretty nice. I guess there is nothing to fear when you’re that strong though. That magic ring was so cool. Subaru needs more.
The dragon blood restored his entire arm? how does it work? Why does it only heal him now then go away? Because only the affected part can heal? I wonder how it works.
Rem and Rui team work to save Subaru was so nice.
It was obvious that Aberu was a noble but will we get an arc when Subaru helps him take back the kingdom? Subaru having a friend being the king of a neighboring country will greatly help Emilia for her coronation.
I don’t think Subaru can go back through the desert without Meri getting rid of the magic beast. If they don’t go save him it could be impossible for him to go back.

Fun fact: Since in bookwalker the books are in order of date bought, not on volume number, I started reading Volume 27 since it was in that order. After 2 pages and Subaru summarising this book, I realized I skipped a book ha ha. Kinda spoiled myself there.

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And once again there is some funny romanizations you make for the names. The cover for this book is a big spoiler for people who already knew who Abel was lol.

I don’t really know much about the hunter, he’s not connected to Abel or the Amazons, he was probably just apart of the army and thought Subaru was a Shudrak because of his black hair.

Todd is definitely a psychopath. I think all the archbishops go wherever they want, Capella was in Gusteko I think since that’s where Meili and Elsa were employed by her. The black arm was a mystery, I can only guess since the blood didn’t hurt him like Crusch, it helped him instead.

Speaking about Rem, that was sad to have her dislike him already. And for Rui I think she will die by the end of the arc, Subaru still needs to get all the authorities and even if she never becomes evil again, it’s a bit of a weird choice to make her join the group.

He wouldn’t go back through the desert, they wouldn’t just stay there for a couple months waiting for him, his best bet would be to go directly to Roswaal’s mansion. I don’t think they will go save him either, they made the decision to go back to Lugnica I think, I don’t remember too clearly.

This is the 2nd time you did that right? lmao

Answer to Haseeb

I wanted to write something like “Laugh all you want”
I just changed all Japanese letters to English ones.

It wasn’t and amazones? It felt like them though. The super powerful bow.

Yeah it reacted differently. I wonder if it has something to do with the witch factor.

IT WAS. Their relation was so wholesome.

I thought maybe a few of them would have gone to help him. He will need to find a way to cross the desert and with the witch scent, it’s impossible.

I do what?

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All the Amazons are women so the hunter couldn’t have been an Amazon.

Hope Rem gets her memories back in this arc, she’s been gone for too long

2nd time you read the wrong book. I think I remember you said something like this before too.

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Re Answer to Haseeb

We never saw the hunter so it could have been a female though.

Did I? I think I might have just wrote it twice actually

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I also remember you mentioning that a few volumes back.

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Damn, I’m watched.

Edit: I remember it was around volume 18 ish

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