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Finished in 10 days again! Again lots of info and twist.

Entire book spoiler

This book dropped the dark mystery vibes and brought back the usual Re Zero vibes. First surprise, Miri killing Subaru. I wasn’t expecting that but it make sense. Not sure I got why she wanted to kill Subaru. To avenge Elsa right? Miri didn’t know what to do so she followed Elsa’s example. She admired and hated at the same time.
I was surprised by 「暴食」I knew they were involved but never expected them to pop out of the book. REM BEST GIRL IS BACK!!!
So they can’t eat the same person twice unless they create another self? What about needing the name? They couldn’t eat Felt because it wasn’t the name she was born with but she identify with Felt thought…
Rui can’t leave but we saw her in the last arc.
So this time Ray who had eaten Rem, had the same effect as if Roy has eaten her memory? Then why does everyone remember Raid? His name was eaten? Talking about Raid
OMG RAID WAS 「暴食」 BUT RAID TOOK OVER. So broken. So maybe if they pass his test he will give back the memories. Or maybe all three 「暴食」 Needs to be killed to return the memories.
Sharla being a scorpion was a nice foreshadowing. I NEVER SAW THESE COMING HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I like the design explanation at the end showing us all the hidden hints. The scorpion tail, the name, the ribbon, etc… I never saw it coming. Someone broke a rule… It’s either 「暴食」or raid breaking the “do not break the tower” rules or Echidna breaking the library one. Good luck stopping 「暴食」 From destroying the tower.
What is with Subaru’s new power? It felt he activated 獅子の心臓 with the help of Rem but he’s not invincible T.T He can locate his friends. Beatrice seems to know about Subaru’s new power? She seems to confirm it’s a witch factor.
It is still unknown if the stampede is caused by 「暴食」or something else is causing it. The witch is probably caused by the 「暴食」knowing Subaru’s secret. Rui said she is outside the world so she is ok but last time someone said that (Echidna) The witch was (kinda) revived so… but we haven’t seen her, only the hands. To stop Sharla they need to stop the rule breaker and good luck with stopping Raid. He won’t be stopped by force. The last rule was interesting. “It is not illegal to break the tests.” Indeed Raid is pretty impossible to beat. I want to see Reinhard VS Raid though.
The pictures at the beginning are so spoilery. Glad I watched them after.
The Emilia Beatrice combo was nice. It’s funny that Beatrice said 「かしら」 after the name of her attack. Especially if you translate it.

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Hope to hear everyone’s opinions.

The good news is that they are 50% off on bookwalker until tomorrow so good time to finish. I got them all now.


Congrats on getting here, just 1 more for the end of the arc

Entire book spoiler

The scene with Rem telling Subaru to stand up, made me cry when I read it lol.
For why Felt couldn’t be eaten I have to assume it’s because when Subaru creates another self it would be like he is rejecting the fact that he is the old Subaru, meanwhile, Felt knows that she is the same person the whole time
Rui can’t leave by herself, she just switched places in arc 5 temporarily.
His new greed authority is similar to how he can’t use invisible providence that well, he’s not fully compatible with them and, just like how Echidna and Regulus’ authority are different, Subaru’s is also different. In fact he is most compatible with Greed than any other but still not good enough, so he is greedy about protecting his friends that’s why the authority manifests this way.


Only 1 book left in the arc? I was sure there would be 2-3 more

Answer to Haseeb

Make sense.

That was never explained until now but it would make sense.

Oh!!! Like the 「加護」 It manifest with the will the user. Make lots of sense.

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I really really liked this one. I felt like it showed how anyone can build harmful habits. Subaru didn’t fault her for it, and knew that this is just the result of her childhood. I loved the bits with Elsa, and the whole mystery when Subaru first appeared in the library from Meili’s pov.

Especially when you realize there’s an actual reason behind her appearing there. It’s not just Subaru’s imagination (just like in arc 4). This is the hall of memories where Rem’s memories/name reside after being eaten, and in some way she was able to appear in front of Subaru to encourage him even though he didn’t know her. This was a really emotional chapter.

Damn. This arc is so dense that I already need a reread.

Thanks. I need to get a few of the later arcs in digital form too for safekeep.

The longest volume so far, it’s 400+ pages.


Honestly I do too, I was looking at the chapter names and illustrations to determine whether something I say is a spoiler for the next volume or not lol

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Btw there was a bit more of Miri flashback and this book. Considering that Meri changed to animal or split into lots of small animal I’d say that your theory of “Mother” Being the Arcbishop of Lust makes sense.

Yeah this arc is filled with infos


Yes this basically confirms it. I feigned suspicion previous volume because then we had only the speech pattern to go by, and while it was pretty telling, this extra fact this volume basically confirms it.

I do the same almost every time :joy:

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