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Ok so first of all THIS IS THE BEST ONE UP TO NOW. I literally double the number of pages I read a day without realizing it. Sometimes I would get tired or have less time but for this book, I couldn’t find anywhere to stop. NOWHERE WAS GOOD TO STOP READING. SO MUCH PLOT TWIST AND WEIRD STUFF HAPPENED. I was sure I was in a mystery book.
Sorry my, the caps but I’m just THAT HYPED ABOUT IT.
I hope you are reading for my thesis.

Whole book spoiler

The fact that Subaru lost his memory is really bad not only for him but for everyone around him. Subaru was the only one remembering Rem and Julius. I know why Ram and Julius were shocked we they heard he lost his memory. Poor Ram, I get her feeling. I mean it also affected everyone else but the part with Ram was especially sad.

It was interesting that Subaru was sure he had premonition dreams. Now I don’t have a clue who could have pushed him into the stair but I will come back to it later.
The third route was awful. The first part when he was scared and ran away was so painful.
My guess is that Sharla didn’t killed him on purpose. She saved him, we saw it with the light beams but she let him slide toward the 6 floor. I’m sure she knew about it but not sure why. Subaru unlocks 1 more door than last time (Thx mrahhal). The doors seem to be link with the floor. When all floors would be unlock then he would be able to proceed to the 7 floor. Sharla told Suabru that the 7 floor is not important FOR NOW. I suppose it will be.
Why was he teleported back inside? No idea but he prob releashed the miasma which drove everyone crazy and everyone killed each other… or magic beast but there would be more damage to the building if it was the case. No sure how they could have killed Sharla since she is OP but maybe she was assassinated and her body mutilated port mortem? maybe…

The biggest question, WHY IS SATELLA HERE??? I was sure at first that it means Emilia died but she was alive in the last loop. Maybe it wasn’t Satella because we never saw her but the 「愛してる」looks like hers. Is her dead body in the 7 floor? WHO KILLED SUBARU AT THE END. The only one who call Subaru hero is Rem or the 暴食 that killed Rem. Was Rem posses like Subaru was later? I mean he said he only saw patrashu in the green room. That person seemed to know about 死に戻り.
You think we have seen the worst right? YOU ARE WRONG

Now Subaru get possessed? or seems to, and killed Miri. The スバル参上 is creepy as hell. This just gave me such… how to say this… creep vibe. It’s a horror book now and I hate them but… I NEED TO READ MORE. Nagatsuki is so good.
Subaru realizing the other use for the library made it creepier making me think that Subaru been possessed is part of the trial or something. Miri’s voice in Subaru head was awful.
In that book, I would have liked to see who was “mother” who paid Miril to attack the mansion since IT WAS NEVER REVEALED. IT WAS THE PERFECT MOMENT FOR IT TAPPEI.
Anyway, WHO MOVED THE BODY!!! Did it got possessed and disappeared, Satella ate it? The tower is alive?
Just wondering for the Miri part, Subaru told her to be more honest and found something she truly want and she rejected him in the library but the next morning she came asking for clarification and died right? I wasn’t sure what Subaru told her that could make Subaru get possess

So trying to kill Ram is a bad idea, big news. Subaru didn’t know but now he does. Now sure what happened but he dislocated his elbow and wrote スバル参上 everywhere. We will never know what happened with Ram.

Reid just go down because he is bored. He did never said he couldn’t get down. I wonder if he can really just walk away.
WHY SO MANY BEAST? JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TOWER. Is it because Sharla killed them all and Subaru said no killing? Why is every floor has some? Where were they hiding? Teleported like Subaru? WHAT IS GOING ON? Laser scorpion let’s go!(Is this where you laugh at me @mrahhal ?)

It was so sad when Echidna said “I’m sorry to have doubted you” The last part with Emilia almost made me cry. SO SAD.
Now I wonder since they fall into Echidna they shouldn’t die but become part of her right? I think it was stated in arc 4 which is why Subaru killed himself with Petra’s handkerchief.

SO MANY QUESTIONS BUT NEVER AN ANSWER. Since Subaru is not back in good shape I hope we will found some answers.

Btw I don’t remember what Sharla said to Subaru in the library but she felt she knew stuff. Since the possessed Subaru said something along the lines of “You cheated better luck next time” It was as if he spoke to Subaru knowing he will read the book. Is there another rule that Sharla never spoke about that if you cross then you get possessed or something? I doubt an archbishop is in there.

Never read a Japanese book this fast. If it was in English I would have finished it in a day or two.
I wonder why the access to the balcony was hidden? It isn’t an important spot no? except for sniping.
Funny how Subaru called lazy the fact that he could only resort to praying to god while Petelgeuss was always praying to Satella. Fun detail. Every time I see the word 怠惰 I just can’t do my Petelgeuss impression. Talking about him I realized something. Petelgeuse witch factor is the summon of Satela’s hand. She grabbed Subaru’s heart and he grab Emilia’s one, literally. I thought maybe the witch factor were Satella’s body but then it only fits with Petelgeuss no I will leave it aside. Long side since we haven’t seen Satella.
Next time I will skip the picture at the beginning.

Hope I haven’t forgot anything. Thx for reading.

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Whole book spoiler

Definitely one of the best volumes yes :scream: Reminds me of volumes 5 and 12.

One thing I noticed is that she spoke a lot like the archbishop of lust Capilla. She has a very unique way of speaking. That’s really interesting. Was Capilla connected to Elsa in some way??

I’m pretty sure it was stated that he can’t, so this is also a part of the mystery.

OH MY GOD that was an amazing scene!!

And yes the last part with Emilia, what can I even say.

One more thing, I want you to keep in mind that we also have no idea why the heck Anastasia lost control of her body all of a sudden in arc 5. Don’t forget about that.


One of the craziest volumes so far. It’s so impressive how it suddenly becomes an intricate mystery all of a sudden. And you’re put in Subaru’s shoes.


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Answer to mrahhal

Was it? I was sure they just thought it was.

I don’t remember that but it will explain the splitting miri into lots of small creatures and reforming her.

I still remember but it’s still unknown why she did.

Wow you’re speed running these books, it wasn’t too long ago I saw you reading the 22nd

Whole book spoiler

I really loved the dark parts of arc 6 and seeing Subaru go crazy and considering murder especially with Beatrice.

Also when they got swallowed by Satella they died, it was only that one time in arc 4 where Satella wasn’t killing him

You’ve also reached the point where you can read the Gluttony IF route. Not sure if you know about the IF routes but it’s just alternate paths Subaru could have taken under every sin, I’d recommend reading it but probably after you finish arc 6 since you’re getting left at cliffhangers at the moment.

I’m sure you’ll find the next book very interesting as well :slight_smile:


Never knew you also read all the Re Zero book.

According to my last post 10 days. It was so good I couldn’t stop and have no other book club before November so…
I already read 10% of the volume 24 so I’m going for that 10 day again.

Answer to Haseeb

That was so sad. NOT BEA-KO

I saw it today. Weird how this this he died and before he didn’t.

I never knew the Glutony route. I know part of the greed one and read the sloth one. where can I read these? Ans yeah after I read all the book that are out and maye the ex. I’ll see but they are on my list.

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It’s funny that the post at the top says “not out yet”, but you’re already reading it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am all caught up with Re:Zero except I read the web novel version and also the English translated light novels, obviously because I can’t reliably read Japanese yet. I just read most of the web novel from fan translators and then after that once I caught up I now just read the latest updates with machine translations. So everything you’re reading, I read slightly different because the light novel and web novel have minor changes.

You can read gluttony route here
I gave it to you in Japanese because I assume you want to read it in Japanese. The other routes are also on the same website where Tappei updates his chapters, but if you can’t find it just ask me for the route you want and I’ll link it to you.

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I also just realized you might be able to recognize my profile picture now that you read this book lol

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And yes I prefer the Jap version because the ORIGINAL TRUMPS ALL.

Yeah I’m always scared of fan translation because you never know the quality of it.

At first, I thought If greed Subaru but your comment make me think of Arc 6 Subaru. I don’t remember the bloodied knife though.

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Yeah there was no blood, but it was just a nice fanart haha

The translations were done by a trusted group of people, so I am fine with those, the machine translations I read now, however, well, it is what it is, I get the main gist of the chapters so I’m okay with it.

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Good then, I hope you will be reading Re Zero in Japanese at some point.

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I checked them, both fan and official of LN. Quality leaves a lot to be desired. The fan translation especially varies a lot in quality. Unfortunately most of the chapters actually hurt to read… I can’t even describe the difference in mood from the original.

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Wait is it really that bad? Damn my life is a lie. I read them from witchculttranslation, that’s the one you checked?

But I can agree about the official translations, they take forever and also make so many mistakes and bad choice of words

Bad doesn’t necessarily mean incorrect. I’ve read things that sounded nice in the original language but pretty cringe in my native language for instance.

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That’s the one.

And as Naphthalene said. It’s not incorrect (at least, the important parts), but it’s just bad compared to the original, yes. Additionally, translating 1 to 1 rarely produces good English. Most fan translations are usually like that, because obviously it takes huge effort to localize to read smoothly in the target language. (btw Chicken Translation was doing this correctly, before he quit)

Not impressed with the official translations either but at least they were translated to idiomatic English.


Ah yeah, bringing up Translation Chicken, hope he’s doing well.

On the last 10 chapters of arc 6, I read those with Eminent translations, since WCT didn’t have them at that time.

And yeah I understand that the English wasn’t really that correct and it felt raw but I mean all the emotions still stuck out to me, though you have now corrected one of my thoughts, I had simply thought before, Tappei had been writing in a very raw style, but I guess it was just the translators.


I’m really glad then! I checked a lot of them from arc 6 onwards (didn’t bother to check arc 5 because I heard they were horrible and they wanted to rewrite them), and maybe because I already read them in JP the quality was shocking. But I’m glad the feelings are coming across for someone reading them for the first time.

His translations were like at least 10 times better than the official ones. Unfortunate that he stopped.


Yeah in Japanese Tappei use lots of things to forshadows that aren’t usable in english. Lot’s of character speech pattern, pronound(僕、俺、私、あたし etc) are used and many other things like that. You lose it all in english.
I need to ask you hasseb, in the translated version of arc 4Was there a difference in speech between old Echidna and present Echidna?

Nope no change

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