Re Zero Volume 6 week 3

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 3

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Start Date: Mai 25, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: Till end of chapter 3 part 6

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Part? :thinking:


Part It was a test to see who was following. I see people are really attentive which makes me happy. It’s not a copy-paste mistake because I never do those.


I read this part in a very noisy place so it was hard to focus and I might have missed it but

didn’t Rem just throw a cart full of oil at the 白鯨? And that’s burnable oil too, right, not food? So why not just set the damn thing on fire? That has to slow it down or, at least, make it visible. :thinking:

All in all, this part felt a bit less exciting than last week. Somehow with the mess Subaru made, I somehow fully expect him to die this time too, so the fight scene is a bit low stakes somehow :stuck_out_tongue: (also I have one page left to read, behind the illustration, so maybe he is dead already for all I know :stuck_out_tongue: prolly not though)

Ah, also that last straw when Rem told him she is doing what he says because of her orders was really fun. I really hope that he flips to the dark side and becomes 傲慢 at least for one loop or something. He should remember that during the first iteration she went ahead and left a sweet message though.

Answer to Naphthalene question

I don’t remember if Rem throw the cart full of oil. I was sure that the whale just ate it. I also do not think they had anything to light the oil and to burn the White whale. They need fire magic probably since match or lighter does not seem to exist there. I also wanted to burn the whale but I don’t thin it’s that easy. Do you want to get close to light it?

I think what she threw at him was basically an empty cart. The 白鯨 has already caused a mess in the cart and destroyed many of the others.

It’ll be a miracle if he manages not to, so yeah. But what’s nice here is that with the 白鯨, it’s like a whole new addition to this huge mess. It’s yet another variable to think about if he wants to get out of this predicament (since it appears it’s nesting on the highway to the mansion in the worst time possible).




The whale ate the one next to them and their own. It also took a bite of Otto’s one, but then Rem kinda sprung into action. But I’m not sure anymore.

Also, they have magic, even if nothing established fire magic in their group, I think. They do have magic lighters, but good luck getting that near the damn thing indeed.


Just bring the whale at the cultists. Two birds in one stone :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you do if they work together? It is still a possibility. Second, how you bring it there as you can see, it’s REALLY dangerous to be near it. You want to have it behind you for a few hours and hope that it targets the cult witch and not the village? It does seem to like Subaru


Well, it was mostly a joke, but anyway I assume it works mostly like the other types of 魔獣 and will just target the scent of the Witch, which includes Subaru and the cultists. So it will definitely follow Subaru as long as it can (you’ll need a way to slow it down and keep it at bay, but anyway) then they just need to do the good ol’ switcharoo when they get near cultists. At that moment in time the cultists are still quite far from the village so it should be fine (I think the encounter the second time was a two hours ride from the village if I remember correctly?).

Also, not spoiler as far as I know, but assuming there’s another loop, I hope Subaru meets with Anastasia again and just own the conversation. Like when he “randomly” run into Mimi, if Mimi asks what he is doing, he can just say “I’m waiting for Anastasia, she should be here soon.” Then she shows up being all like “oh sorry… oh it’s you! blahblah”. Then he can bring her to the restaurant, and make an underhanded comment about the other patrons and so on. The situation doesn’t change, but at the very least he has the lead. I guess he could bypass that encounter by simply asking Krush for a carriage instead of military aid, though. She might refuse anyway, but still.

More Stuff

It’s serious conversation we do not joke about the white whale. NEVER :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No one mention the cultist have the witch smell. They could not have it maybe.

It would be cool but that is not Subaru style. I would totally do it.


Rem did, though, when she asked Subaru if he was a cultist himself in book 2.

Don’t break my hopes and dreams.

More Summary

Oh! sorry then.

I feed on your negative emotions so I WILL break your hopes and dreams


About Rem, I think it’s also mentioned in the previous volume that she used to associate that smell with cultists or at least evil people but that Subaru changed her view on that. She wasn’t wrong though; again I’m pretty sure Subaru is in charge 傲慢 but just doesn’t know it yet. He will probably not accept that status either, which the cultists will take as the proof of utmost hubris and thus a position perfectly fit for the person in charge of 傲慢 :stuck_out_tongue:

Gah I just want to keep reading now.


Patience. Don’t do like a certain someone. He’s regretting it now while peeking at the theories and discussions from behind a black curtain (he’s actually not regretting it at all)


Is that you by any chance? Leaving us all behind how cruel. I thought we were besties. :sob:


S2 starting before I reach arc 4 felt like losing something important to me, especially that I started Japanese because of it, so sacrifices had to be made yet again :cry:


Don’t worry corona is delaying it for us. Btw when was the end of arc 4 book 8 wasn’t it?


Things are stabilizing with the delays. I’m pretty sure the first delays like Oregairu/ReZero will be broadcast in time in July, they announced the 放送開始 with confidence. No time to lose.

You mean arc 3. Arc 3 started in volume 4, it ends with volume 9 somewhere in the middle. (Anime covers up to 99% of arc 3)


They lifted the state of emergency yesterday. I expect my local book off to reopen soon, if it’s not done already, so I can just catch up to you and they we can have super secret conversations behind the curtains :stuck_out_tongue: