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Re Zero Volume 11 Week 3

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Start Date: January 18, 2021
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Week 3 Reading: End of chapter 3 part 5, page 168 (55 pages)

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Next week is up

Was there really no discussion for this week?

God, I was (well, am, I guess) so freaking mad at Subaru’s attitude with ベティー. If she tells you she can only follow the script and you have been told what to say (i.e. the script) just go with it. She just told you that it will work. You’re on the verge of death why are you fighting her randomly?!


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Maybe it has to do with emotions :eyes:

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I have to admit I’m more than fed up with his emotions. Especially when they are being described in details every other paragraph. I just want plot.

Well, this is Subaru’s story, it’s driven by his character more than the plot. All I can say is that I guess it’s a bad fit :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeahhhh this might be why. :man_facepalming:

I do agree with you though, I also feel quite fed up with him quite regularly (especially when he’s been on an upwards trend, and then suddenly?! Whyyyy), and did in this instance too. It’s gotten better in recent volumes, but that really doesn’t mean you need to read that far if it’s 辛い. There’s no sense continuing a series when you’re not enjoying it after all. I get fed up, but I still enjoy the overall story and character interactions.

You should be about done with your purchased books after this one?


Yes, that’s exactly my situation. I like the story too much to just drop the series, yet the main character is just too annoying to simply ignore his shenanigans. What kind of 罰ゲーム is that.

I’d like to say that my posts tend to be biased here, in the sense that I don’t often post when I like something, but I do make the effort when I am annoyed. So, from an external point of view, you would only observe the times I’m annoyed :sweat_smile:
I do like the part where I am right now for instance (which is future spoiler for this thread) but I’d rather keep reading than spend much time finding the right thread and organize my thoughts.
I’m possibly a terrible person :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m glad to hear to will get better. It’s already not as bad as a few books back.

Also, yes, I only have 20 pages left. I need to buy volume 12. Then I’m back on track with the club weee. Maybe.


Most people who enjoy ReZero enjoy Subaru’s characterization/emotions the most. I never thought of it as a drag (especially in this arc). Yes he’s annoying at times, but I see it almost always in character. Subaru’s slow but clear transition of temperament over the arcs is my favorite part of ReZero.
So I don’t think it’s a 罰ゲーム for everyone, is what I wanted to say :pensive:

For example, in the scene you mentioned

I guess you’re supposed to understand that Beatrice is a very special person to Subaru. They have a complex relationship. She was the one who actually saved him in the mansion arc. To him, having all their interactions being fake because the book told her to do so is not easy to gulp down.

He’s fickle to these kinds of things, add to that the pressure of dying + having a bad checkpoint (that seemingly not a lot people take seriously), I think it’s natural that he bursts at times. It’s also clear that even when he’s “doing good” (at least right now in the arc), he’s still only hiding an unstable mental state.

I’m not saying that’s how you should think about it, I’m saying that’s how I see it.

That has been my pov :eyes: It’s not a good feeling. I was wondering why you’re continuing.


Well, I assumed it was not. At the very least, I would assume a large number of people are fine with the way it is, otherwise the series would not be the way it is.
I was only talking about my point of view. In particular, Re:Zero is very unique for me in the sense that, usually, if I hate something major about a book or series, there’s nothing that can really compensate for it. Conversely, if I really love the plot of a series, there’s usually nothing that I would hate beyond groaning once in a while. Yet, Re:Zero manage that perfect balance of enjoyment (from my point of view) and annoyance (still from my point of view), which is a first.
If I stop reading, I lose the fun, but if I keep reading I have to expose myself to the unfun. Both choices are bad, hence my mention of 罰ゲーム. I’m not saying people are not allowed to enjoy the parts I hate :sweat_smile: I cannot really relate, though.

That being out of the way, Betty

So, my main point is also the second loop, in particular the time when she promised to save him and then went out of her way (and the mansion) to do so. If she was some kind of book programmed robot, she would not have done it in the first place OR she would have always done it. Ergo, she has a lot of leeway (which makes sense, considering the size of the book versus how long she has existed), plus, even if she just follows the book, it doesn’t mean she cannot feel about the stuff that are happening. Like, when she was playing with Puck, was that in the book too? Guess not, but even it was, she obviously felt joy about it anyway.
Anyway, I cannot really relate to him snapping there, but I did relate to Betty going ballistic with her ニンゲンs. Hopefully I’ll see more of her soon.

I’m sorry about that. I have to say though that having a place to get that anger out my system has really helped my enjoyment of the series, and I’m really happy this club exists and for all of you to be here. That being said, if it’s too annoying, feel free to ignore me (or whatever is the name of the forum option to hide a user). I mean it! I think I will still need to release steam in the future, and I don’t think I can promise I’ll be able to keep it down :sweat_smile:
I’ll try, though.


We’ve probably just looked in different places, but I’d personally say I’ve seen quite a lot of people say that they like the series in general but not necessarily always Subaru, at least outside of the very biggest fans.

And just so I’m not just saying that, my personal opinion is that I don’t necessarily always like the stuff Subaru does(especially earlier in the series, though I think think he’s probably not even supposed to be likeable in a least a few of those scenes considering the way they’re written,) but what I do like is his development and even more so interactions with other characters :slight_smile:

And in other completely unrelated news seeing this thread reminds me that I need to go back and actually finish volume 11 now that the book club hasn’t just caught up to but also gotten ahead of where I stopped


:joy: I’m glad to hear you’re not just suffering through your back log, then! We do get a somewhat unique, limited perspective of your experience here, haha.

I don’t mind reading your rants about Subaru (I agree with a lot of them), especially now that I know it’s just one part of your reading experience. So please do continue! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


And oh man, do I agree with you about that Betty scene - he was so obviously running with his first thought, or maybe with the worst possible option he could think of at that time. This aspect of his, where he just gets stuck in a way of thinking and can’t even consider anything else, is the one that annoys me the most when reading. :see_no_evil: It’s a very human condition, but he just takes it to such extremes…

I loved her ニンゲン rant!



Not at all, I don’t mind. I was under the impression that you weren’t enjoying it at all. With what you just explained, I really don’t mind. You shouldn’t feel pressured if you want to release steam. I just didn’t want you to go on with this if it was causing you nothing but pain :relieved:

That’s what I meant. I didn’t mean I never disliked his actions, everyone did. He takes a lot of bad decisions pre arc 4. With “characterization” I meant more his development throughout the arcs, not that he always takes the right path. Disliking his actions doesn’t equate to feeling constantly annoyed by him to the point of unenjoyment, is what I also wanted to say.


It is extreme, he has all this pent up pressure from all his deaths and the realization that Beatrice might not have been helping him out of her good heart :disappointed:
I can’t help but find his reaction, especially in this scene, perfectly depicted, to be honest. I can’t see how anyone can fault him.
On the other hand, I also love the ニンゲン thing just as much.


Welcome to the usual show Icefang agree with Mrahhal and disagree with Naphthalene

I understand why some people may hate Subaru but I like him. I do prefer a more intelligent and epic character but he feels so real. I don’t find his emotion or character development to be a drag. There is just no way he can make all the good decisions under the pressure he is in. He also needs to do thing fast and in his opinion, he can’t trust other. Easy to understand when every time he asks for help everyone ignores him or asks why do they gain. He also feels responsible when someone is hurt when helping him. Especially true with Rem.


I heard that too.

I think I heard that somewhere. Don’t remember the why but I think I see it somewhere.

It’s been such a long time since there was this much conversation here T.T


Since we’re on the subject, and this thread was empty in the first place, and since I forgot to comment on that in the reply to @Ditto20, I’ll comment now :yum:

CR Poll 2016

Here is the biggest ReZero Crunchyroll poll in 2016, 20,000 people in 100 countries:

And this is in 2016, right after S1 concluded. His popularity only increased in S2.

What I found funny (I remember) about this poll is that the CR article author himself was confused as to how Subaru got number 2 (this feeds into the point I’m making in the last paragraph of this comment).

Official LN poll 2019

Subaru got 3rd place, only behind Rem and Emilia, even beating Beatrice who’s usually a big contender in character polls.


Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi

In Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!, Subaru got top 10 characters in 2 consecutive years. In 2017 he got 4th place, getting ahead of even Hikigaya Hachiman from Oregairu (another fav of mine btw) who got 1st place so many times they had to put Oregairu in hall of fame.

I put more effort into this than I wanted to at first, but it’s fine! It’s for Subaru.

Regardless of all of this, you will find lots of people who hate Subaru, it’s a popular show. 99.99% of the time, if they don’t like ReZero, it’s mainly because they hate Subaru. And usually they can’t fathom why other people would even like his character. That’s fine. But most fans of the series -especially in and after arc 4- have him as a favorite (again, not because what he does is always right, but because they enjoy the well written human character). And from what I’ve seen after the latest arc, it only keeps on increasing.

Thank you for attending my useless trivia-based TedTalk.


I like these kinds of trivia. Never thought he was that high. Rem is number one which means my ship is the correct one. Take that Naphthalene my ships are always right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Never expect him to beat Hachiman thought. I prefer Hachiman over Subaru not gonna lie.


Hachiman was my favorite until Subaru came along :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You will have to change your profile picture then ha ha

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It has become my identity pp -even at work- so far ago I can’t change it anymore :disappointed:
It’s cool I still like Hikigaya.

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Which coincidentally enough turned out to be almost exactly at the start of this week :slight_smile: (just five pages before, which I’ve read now)

Guess I’ll try to actually remember to comment after finishing each part to help out with that a tiny bit, starting with this one after I finish it! (I guess you’ll notice if I actually remember based on if I’ve posted again in this thread within the next day or two :laughing: )

For something completely unrelated to everything else in this post, the discussion in this thread made me think about what kinds of characters the protagonists of other stuff I like are, and that’s how I realised it’s just not re:zero — almost all the light novels I like and have read a significant amount of have very divise protagonists :laughing: (but they’re also all very different, so not just an army of Subarus or something)