Re Zero Volume 11 week 2

Re Zero Volume 11 Week 2

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Start Date: January 11, 2021
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Week 2 Reading: End of chapter 2 part 5, page 111 (48 pages)

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Lots of action this week

This week spoiler

This week ends with Subaru entering the library and escape Elsa by a fraction of a second. Seem like Elsa planned on attacking sooner than expected. Frederica’s transformation was kind of expected since she was a half-beast but never expected her to just rip her cloth upfront. So it seems that Elsa was not alone. This is the second time magic beast just pass through the barrier so I think we have a security problem here. Frederica just checked it too. I suppose it is the work of the beastmaster in volume 2. Never thought they would work together. It seems like the plan of the first two arcs comes from the same places. Someone really hates them.

It seems there is some small difference from the anime. First Ram does not bait the monster outside the manor they all ran together. This makes that the celling does not crash on Subaru but it seems the lion monster jump on them from above.

Elsa says that she needs to kill two maids and one Hikikomori. The maids are Petra and Ram and the Hikikomori is probably Beatrice. It is weird that she knows that word. We also saw that she left all the door opens probably to counter Beatrice’s magic. Then again I remember Beatrice opening a door all the way to the village. I can only think of one person having all this information. Only Rosewald could have these infos. The only thing I don’t have if the reason. Why would he try to prevent her to be a candidate in the election if she wins he gets what he wants. Why would he send them to kill the maids? Why would he sent Ram and Subaru knowing they will get kill. I don’t see another king candidate doing any of these. Maybe these infos are easy to get. Other than Rosewald I have no lead. Maybe Rosewalt family does not want him to support a demi-elf? Like I said earlier I don’t think they are the witch cult. The more I read the more I need to read.

I had a question about the magic beast.
“There are giant mice with black wings. The speck has violent characteristics frog. From his huge body multiple branch parts in his neck are snakes. There is no end. Surrounded by strange form.”
I’m not sure if it is talking about one or multiple beasts. It just seems like the giant beast is surrounded by flying mice and something about an aggressive frog.

about that...

There’s a bunch of beasts.
A huge mouse (or multiple mice, can’t tell from the Japanese) with black wings.
A violent frog (or multiple, again can’t tell) with characteristic black spots.
A many headed snake with uncountable necks branching off from its huge body.
The ones surrounded by strange/unnatural things are スバルたち, not he beasts.

Answer to Belerith

Thanx for the help

How does that even work? That seem weird as a creature especially for a snake.

It’s basically a hydra, except the number of necks isn’t defined. ^^

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Doesn’t a hydra have a huge body and lots of head? It seems to me that it’s just a snake with many snakes on it. Hydras have legs if I remember correctly.

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I’ve always loved that scene. The sudden escalation forces us to rethink about the whole loop, not just the immediate situation.


A huge body is in the description, with many necks branching of. At the end of the necks there’s the heads, so… Seems to fit to me?
I don’t think hydras typically have legs, or at least it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I was thinking along these lines, only bigger:

Yeah, I quite liked how the situation suddenly got so much more complicated! Gotta keep escalating things. :smiley:

Re oh!

Never saw that kind of hydra.
I had that one in mind

In this way it make sense. Thx for the picture

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Next week is up.