Re Zero volume 11 week 4

Re Zero Volume 11 Week 4

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Start Date: January 25, 2021
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Week 4 Reading: End of chapter 4 part 4, page 220 (50 pages)

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This week spoiler

I will just say this. Otto best wingmen. He gets insulted, mocked, and dragged around but when it counts he is there to save the day. Funny when we think he ran wanted to sacrifice Subaru in the last arc. Give that men a medal. I love Otto. I don’t know what he will because after this arc but I want him to be part of the emilia team. I don’t want to to just disappear and do some merchand stuff elsewhere. He is also a good comic relief.

We now know that Beatrice is not part of the witch cult. I want more Beatrice backstory. In the end when Roswald was saying “I am your ally” it feels less and less true. That Rosewald is playind 5d chess. I wonder while he always look at Subaru with only the yellow eye open. I feel like there is some kind of power into it. That could explain the different eye colors. Then again a lot of characters just close one eye during discussion.

Garfield does not seem happy. Let’s be honest there is no way otto and Ram can contain him. We saw Frederica transform so we can assume this is what he has done with that shout.

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Next week is up

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