Re Zero Volume 11 week 5

Re Zero Volume 11 Week 5

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Start Date: February 1, 2021
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Week 5 Reading: End of chapter 5 part 4, page 274 (49 pages)

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This week spoiler

We start with Garfield killing everyone. I kinda guess he could transform but I did not expect it to be so much stronger than Frederica’s one. Or at least it seems stronger. That part was pretty savage. Seeing him killing everyone.

Now I wanna know how these crystals work. It teleport when you hit the barrier? Then teleport you randomly? Why hasn’t the crystal reacted when he left the barrier before? Why the teleportation place change? Was is that magic?.

Also how long has he been sleeping for the entire Sanctuary to be cover in snow and deadly rabbit? First the Whale now the rabbit? No time to lose. Speedrunning 大魔中 any% I guess.

I know Echidna probably just wants to know everything about Subaru but she was such a nice person when she listens to the whole story. Finally, Subaru could speak about it. That was an emotional scene. She is still a witch so I suppose it was her greed for knowledge but still…
Wait Subaru is going the meet the other witches? This is getting interesting.

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New week is up


Probably just a few hours. My theory is that the rabbits killed Emilia, so Puck went ballistic as he does in that case and just froze the whole place. (Typical Puck :eyes:)
That being said, that means that he can’t be too far away, so he is willfully ignoring Emilia’s calls.