Re Zero Volume 10 week 5

Re Zero Volume 10 Week 5

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Start Date: December 14, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: End of chapter 4, page 257 (47 pages)

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Here is the translations for Garfield’s weird expression.
Not all but well explained
all but not much context


Like clockwork :smiley:

It’s been a while since I read any re zero, I’m almost having withdrawals.

Sorry for this post’s lack of relevance to the weekly thread.


You’re so much in advance I’m surprised.


I read too much. :sweat_smile: on the plus side(?), I’m nowhere close to @mrahhal yet!


That is why I’m pacing myself. Sometime it’s nice to reading something else for a change. Funny that was doing the opposite not one year ago though ha ha.

I’m sure @mrahhal has already read it before the author wrote it.


Sadly the last few months haven’t been nice to me, so I’ve been on a pause for the longest time. You might catch up. I should resume very soon, I can’t have you getting too close.

I strive to become that person. I’m sure I’ll get there before ReZero ends!


Finally I wanted to talk about this chapter so badly for a while. This my best chapter(Chapter 4) of the series until now. Here is why:

My Thesis About chapter 4

First off, I love Subaru’s parents. His father just moonwalking into the room, then the fact that he start wrestling with Subaru for no reason. The mother who would choose mayonnaise over the world. We get a good look at why Subaru is who he is. The breakfast when everyone just passes around the bowl of green peas. The mom wanting to make BBQ with Subaru’s uniform, his father saying he got the worst part of both of them almost calling him a failure(as a joke of course). The hypocrisy of the parents, everything is so funny.

The best part of that chapter are the emotional scenes. Subaru and his father speaking in the park was so good. His father saying Subaru seems happier today than usual. You can clearly see that he make joke during that scene because he is not in is element talking about emotional stuff. When Subaru is sad because he can not repay is debt to is parent but is father answer just take care of us, like Subaru I cracked inside and started crying. For context I never cry for anime or really rarely but that scene, THAT SCENE made piercing damage to my heart. It was so sad that Subaru realise now that he will never be able to repay is parents for their kindness. Then his father says that he didn’t make Subaru to have him receive something but to give something. It was so good. The other best thing in that conversation is when he wanted his family to hate him and to beat him up or something. That was so sad. He couldn’t be proud of himself so he wanted everyone to hate him or something like that. I just wanted to hug him throught the screen. His father just punched him though. He then said that normally he would put in back into shape but seems like someone already did it for him. You really see their relationship in that scene.

The past of Subaru was also sad. He was the best at everything then when he grew up he wasn’t the best anymore. He was looking up to his father but fails to follow him. He then tried to be the comic relief and the risk-taker to attract attention until he couldn’t anymore. He was always in the shadow of his father. The word “you are indeed his son” turns from compliment to painful. This think about his relation to his father was so sad too. He stopped going to school because of bullying. He now fear the clock until it’s too late to go to school. You can definitely see Subaru’s pain of social interaction in it. You can understand why Subaru is the person he is today.

The saddest part for me was the one with his mom. She knew what was happening withing him because she was always looking. She did not wanted to push him because it would have made it worse. She was proud of him nevertheless. When he told her he won’t be coming back for a while and maybe won’t write back it was so sad. The mom accepted it. The most hearbreaking moment in that entire chapter was when the mom came back and said “いってらっしゃい”. He then remembered that she said the same thing the day he died but he did not answer. I lost it. Took me 5 minutes to stop crying AND I NEVER CRY. Talk about something. I had trouble reading aloud because my voice was trembling. I like the signification of the road. They started the road together but they have to go their separate way. He is going to school maybe signifying he has to grow up or to learn something or I’m reading too much into it. I was also heartbroken when Subaru was saying sorry for not being able to do anything. Her Mom tells him he has half of her and half of his father. She says you can only be half as your father and the other you can be you. This hits me because it means she does not what to be part of Subaru She “give up” the part of her to make Subaru to let him be what he want. He won’t have to worry about not being his father anymore.

I must say the picture were also heartbreaking. They were so well made and well placed.

Maybe I just resumed the entire chapter without adding much but the chapter has much interesting stuff going on and so many specific points where my heart just cracked I needed to speak about it. I cried for the anime, I cried for the book then cried again after rewatching the episode. The only point in common in me and Subaru is the fact we are otaku so I don’t think I cried because I relate of anything. It’s just so well made I just couldn’t do anything else. I might have a weakness when it comes to the parent-children relationship though. It felt so genuine that I couldn’t even brush it off which I normally do. I do justify myself a lot by saying I cried but it’s because I NEVER do it or almost never. Which for me is an important point, If a show can make me cry it need a lot and I cried twice three times.

I just wanted to put it here that for me it’s my best chapter of Re Zero till now. Just to let you know I prefer action and tactics over emotional scenes almost always but this time, this scene just did too much piercing damage. Not only that but in consecutive strikes. When I thought I could get a breather it got sadder. I also put sad music while reading for the effect. I believe every details was perfectly made and I would never remove a single word from that chapter because it is impactful as a whole.

Anyway, I look forward to your comments on the chapter.

I had just one question what happened with the guys who Subaru’s parent was talking about but flew away and let her wife there. The father said he died but the mother seems to think otherwise. The guy that was fishing with Kenichi

Btw we finally found the kanji for Subaru’s name. Only his parents use the kanji for it because only they know what it means I guess. Like Subaru said before it’s the name of a star.
I need to stop because I could speak for hours about how great it is. I am getting some feeling just thinking about it again. Good job for reading it all until now.


Totally agree.


It takes the whole story and elevates it further by re-contextualizing everything that Subaru has done or said so far. Remember the “You probably only inherited the Knight status because your dad was a bigshot” in the royal selection? This is clearly Subaru rejecting his own past experiences. The self-hate starts appearing here.

Simply the perfect backstory to Subaru. And given that this is ReZero, it wasn’t even a particularly sad one! It’s just about a boy who little by little stopped going to school. There wasn’t even a big dramatic turning point. LOVE IT.

Yes, this and the ただそれだけの物語 are two of my favorites. I also love the intensity/suffering the most, but these 2 chapters took the favorites spots. This speaks volumes about how well crafted this is.

Actually it was used before, maybe once or twice right at the start of volume 1. I like this little detail. Katakana used in the other world signifying how foreign of a presence Subaru is in the new world.


Yes exactly, I’m totally with you two there.

I was going to check vol 1 tonight to make sure, but I think we actually had a discussion in the beginning about how he stopped using kanji after the 異世界召喚. I like these details. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I see it a bit differently - names in general in that world are written in katakana. I think it just shows the lack of kanji I’m that world, so in a sense I see it as Subaru integrating, adjusting to that world. ^^


From my point of view, it was how Subaru’s name was perceived by others. In Japan, of course people would use kanji, but in the other world, they won’t have that concept and only remember his name phonetically. So from that point on, that’s how his name was perceived by the world around him.


Last week is up

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Like… both links have exactly the same level of explanation though. :joy:
(This is not the correct thread I guess, but I didn’t check those links before)
The first link just has random unrelated trivia, mostly about that character but also stuff like “why Re:Zero fans hate Subaru” which I definitely agree with. I wouldn’t call myself a fan though.

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I found that the first one explained slightly the grammar while the second one just gives the definition. The name is probably wrong because they don’t have all the expressions anyway. I never did bother to change the name ha ha.