🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

December 6-11 :arrow_forward: :headphones:

I’ve been watching and following my daily origami video every day. I’ve also spent many hours listening (and reading along) to my mystery book club audiobook, which I finished today. I’ve been pausing less and less as time went by, and towards the end I was more listening than reading. It has to be said that the writing was fairly easy and fairly repetitive, and also that I couldn’t wait to be done with it. I’m sure other audiobooks won’t be as easy. Still, the first time I tried an audiobook while reading along I had to set it at a ridiculously slow speed, while this was at 1x and I could still mostly follow along as long as I paused for a second every now and then to give myself time to digest what I had just heard (slow processor).


Spent the weekend watching Re:Zero, its crazy to me how digestible the anime is compared to the light novel (its really fancy with its grammar, vocab, and idioms). I am absolutely loving it! watched 11 episodes already and plan to binge everything I can this week.


I listened to a little over an hour of 崩れる脳を抱きしめて today and have just under 2 hours left. Honestly if I can finish both my in-progress audiobooks and my in-progress novels by EOY that would be amazing. 6 hours of audiobooks and ~800 pages… :melting_face:

That’s great! I wonder if I should add a category for audiobook available or not for the Mystery Book Club nominations, it seems to be popular :thinking: The main issue I can see is that not all audiobooks are available in all areas :slightly_frowning_face: 三体 for example is available on Audible JP, but not Audible US, and we already found that US Audible has far more Japanese titles than in your country.


And then there’s audiobook.jp, which has an entirely different collection than Audible, it seems. Yes, it’s complicated. But I suppose it’s worth noting, and then whoever is interested will have to see for themselves if they can have access to it or not. Speaking for myself, I’d probably not choose to listen to the audio version of a book I’m heavily invested in, at least not at my current listening level. I would want to savour every word and not risk missing nuances. For this particular book however, the audiobook was great. Not only did it allow me to read faster than I ever could, but it also helped understand some dialogue where I might be lost on who was speaking, or in what way they meant what they were saying. The voice actress’s interpretation went a long way clearing up possible points of confusion like that.


Been grinding Teppi episodes, trying to do as much as possible.

I think I’d like a similar podcast but one that has transcripts so I can comprehend a bit more than I currently am.

Any おすすめ? Kinda N5-N4ish level

Will look back through the thread to see what people listened to


Dec 12, Mon of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched grammar Youtube on ~に先立って / ~に際して / ~に相違ない.

Actually, I tried an NHK documentary as well, but I count that as a failure.


I listened to the first video in this playlist linked by @Myria and it was so much fun! It was also oddly a relief after binging the art channel that I greatly enjoy yet barely understand. I only had to look up one word the entire time, and am honestly kind of amazed I’ve gotten this far without knowing 触手, but I suppose it doesn’t come up much in crime dramas or mystery books :joy: I could guess by the kanji but I wanted to be certain since it seemed important to the story.

I feel like it’s pretty approachable! Would recommend for people around N3 and up if I had to guess?


Dec 13, Tue of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched Youtube on Tokyo decades ago, then Gorbit’s posted weird Kanas (then I 登録’d).

I also watched grammar Youtube on ~に応じて. I find grammar things pretty easy to follow, but probably not most others.


Since I’m trying to up my listening game I’ve started to delve into podcasts recently. And one of the podcasts I’m listening to (TBSラジオ「荻上チキ」) did a 特集 on Germany‘s クーデター未遂事件 if you want to call it that. It was very interesting to hear a take from the perspective of a different country. And I actually had heard of one of the guest speakers before because he spoke at my university a few weeks ago, which is a fun coincidence.
And after reading a written article about the same topic I realized I’ve been mishearing a term for a while now: かたくそうさくしています。I heard this and was like yeah of course 固く捜索している makes sense, like きびしく捜索している right?
But then in the written article the word 家宅捜索 appeared. And I realized wait… that’s the word! I was thinking of the wrong thing the whole time…
Well, at least that misunderstanding is cleared now.


I’m all over the place right now. Listened to a bit of 崩れる脳を抱きしめて, some of the art channel I continue to binge, another random art channel (wasn’t as good), cooking videos (mildly entertaining), I finished a 古畑任三郎 episode I’d been sitting on for ages, and actually resumed watching Prince of Legend. Oh, and some random dude playing Stray, but he was very purposefully trying to be cute / woo viewers and that kind of thing is a pass. I’d be kind of embarrassed if my partner saw me watching it, and he sees me watching all sorts of crazy stuff :joy:

I wish I’d had this enthusiasm for listening earlier in the year :upside_down_face: I’m going to come in close to 100 hours short of my goal.


Dec 14, Wed of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched grammar Youtube on ~ぶり, ~っぷり and おそれがある. There are supposedly 振り and 恐れ.

I built the mood by listening to a Japanese song, then, I listened to 1 Noriko Extra! and a little of YUYU Podcast.


I finished Prince of Legend only to find out it was only season 1?! And it ends on a cliff hanger!

I also listened to some true crime podcasts and watched ever more art challenge youtube videos. While youtube has noticed my sudden binge of content, rather than give me more Japanese channels it’s mostly suggesting random new English channels, despite my region and language set to Japan/Japanese. :thinking: So I guess if you know any bingeable content lemme know, cause I’m sure to run out at some point with the algorithm refusing to help me.

edit: oh and I finished 先生、私の隣りに座っていただけませんか? Loved it. Feel like it’d maybe be @Naphthalene 's sort of thing too? Broad strokes plot: :sparkles: cheating! mixed emotions! anger! regret! lust! :sparkles: It’s a movie, though. Not sure how much you watch movies.


Trying a slightly different approach in an attempt to catch my first wave.
I’ve set up a spotify playlist of podcast episodes that I’ve gone through the transcriptions of. There’s only 4 episodes on there at the moment, but continuously hearing the same episodes is good motivation to go through the transcription process and get a new episode on there. I’ve got a mix of beginner podcasters on there at the moment: teppi, noriko, shun and the sakura tips lady who’s name I forget. Nice to have a variety of voices and speeds.
I’ll be honest, listening practice is bit of a grind at the moment but I want to pass N4 at some point so… I’ll grind away.

Oh I also watched some youtube grammar explanations but that was mostly reading subs and head scratching. Mesh something… channel quite good


Yes, hello there, very much my thing indeed.

On the other hand, I do not really watch movies, no. It might be the occasion.

In other news, I finished 崩れる脳を抱きしめて and I liked it, in the end. (I didn’t have the occasion to talk about it, as it coincided with me catching covid :tada: :frowning_face:) The second part was much more fun than the first, as far as I am concerned, even though I guessed the trick instantly. I felt the ending was a bit strange, though. Why become a permanent doctor at that place when she only has a few months left? Couldn’t he ask to be a visiting intern again instead? It would crush my soul, in his situation, to keep working there after her death.


If you’re looking for something new to watch, JFF+ (Japanese Festival by Japan Foundation) will be streaming 12 independent Japanese films for free. Six of them are available from today till the 15th of March 2023, then another 6 will be available for streaming from the 15th of March to the 15th of June. Most films will be available in all regions except Japan.

Film lineup here:


Dec 15, Thu of Week 12 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched grammar Youtube on 通す, 切る and 出す. Then, I listened to 2 episodes of YUYU Podcast. (Around 1.8 actually, because I listened a little yesterday.)

Then, I re-watched an old episode (EP.2) of Tate-Yuusha, but now with JP sub.


Oh no, get better soon! :face_with_thermometer:

Re: 崩れる脳を抱きしめて - I’m almost done, so I read your spoiler. Yeah, I agree. This whole book felt a bit odd to me. I liked the other two I’ve read by the author so much, and this one wasn’t bad, but it left me going “hmmm”.

Oooh. I was waiting for this to come out! …but it looks like most of this year’s lineup isn’t my thing. A few look worth a shot though.


These are independent films, not the regular festival that was on in February (I think). Most don’t instantly appeal to me either, but I’ll probably give all of them a try if only because they’d normally be completely out of reach for me. Outside of Netflix’s very limited selection, I have nearly no access to Japanese movies at all.


I finished the Prince of Legend second season followup movie. It was good! None of the princes I was rooting for won, but it was still a riot to watch. I provide this screencap, without context:

Tbf most of mine is though…ways and means. Given many Japanese companies would rather get no money at all than foreign money it seems :upside_down_face: Half the reason I have a viki subscription is just to encourage more non-anime content in western markets (nothing wrong with anime, but it’s certainly being exported at a much higher rate). FWIW I’ve heard Prime video has a decent Japanese selection but when I last used it (years ago) it was mostly the worst of the worst. Like Tokyo Train Girls, a movie series unsurprisingly about rape and humiliation and Maid-droid, a movie about rape and beastiality. There’s some other random streaming services but I don’t know about their world-wide availability.


Finished season 1 of Re:Zero last night. Still have the OVA and Movie(?). Then next week I will probably go pretty hard on Season 2 since I plan to read the light novels on my vacation.