Auto-focus notes on click

Not sure which category to post this under, but this is a UI-related question/request.

When I click on the Lesson/Review notes to enter or edit my own mnemonics, the text area doesn’t gain focus. It requires a secondary click before I can start entering text.

So…I’d like to know whether there is a script for this, maybe? Or can this functionality be integrated into the site itself since a user wouldn’t click that area unless they wanted to type/edit their notes?

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This annoys me as well. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked there accidentally (and if I did it would be obvious and I would just click out again).

Why not



Thanks @Kumirei :))


The hero we don’t deserve.

seriously, you’re like a really generous script fairy


@Kumirei, at a certain point WaniKani should just commission you to write their frontend.


Haha, what I write might work, but it’s not good code :eyes:

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So modest.



I completely agree.

I do hope that just because it’s in a script doesn’t mean features like this won’t get implemented in the product if they make sense :sweat_smile:

Speaking about autofocus, I would love to have the autofocus on mobile. Hitting 200 times the input field during a review is SO annoying

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That’s why I use the app.

I would help you, but I can’t replicate the issue in Firefox. I know what you’re talking about, it’s happened to me too, but I don’t know what triggers it

Oh… what I meant was: I hate hitting the input field for each item. Once for each item in the queue is too much

Yeah, as I said, I am familiar with the issue, I just can’t replicate it right now, the input field stays focused for me

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