Genki II (Genki 2) Study Buddies

Hello everyone, welcome to the study group~


Let’s tackle Genki II together! Things will be formatted similar to the Book Clubs since those run very smoothly. The group will run March 1st - July 31st, with a chapter per week. Weeks will alternate between a chapter one week, and the corresponding workbook chapter the next week. Any suggestions for changes to the group style are welcome. Looking forward to starting with everyone!

Here’s our discord link. We will be primarily using the second edition since its the most accessible. A quick look:

げんき II:Chapters 13-23 (11 total)
ワークブック:Chapters 13-23 (11 total)

March 1 - March 7: Chapter 13
March 8 - March 14: Chapter 13 (workbook)
March 15 - March 21: Chapter 14
March 22 - March 28: Chapter 14 (workbook)
March 29 - April 4: Chapter 15
April 5 - April 11: Chapter 15 (workbook)
April 12 - April 18: Chapter 16
April 19 - April 25: Chapter 16 (workbook)
April 26 - May 2: Chapter 17
Chapter 17 (workbook)
Chapter 18
Chapter 18 (workbook)
Chapter 19
Chapter 19 (workbook)
Chapter 20
Chapter 20 (workbook)
Chapter 21
Chapter 21 (workbook)
Chapter 22
Chapter 22 (workbook)
Chapter 23
Chapter 23 (workbook)




thanks for the heads up! I believe its up to par now :+1:t4:


Hi - I’m interested in this! I’m in Ch 17, but I could use some review.

How would we study together?

Edit - Oh I see your other post. So it’s all done on WK then, not discord?

Hmm we can use WK or Discord! I’m thinking discord might be more simple actually, especially for a small group.

I also found out recently that there is a similar study group but it looks like they started in november and havent been active for a bit. If they end up being active again we can join them, or we can start our own mini-group

I think it’d be fun to do the pair work! With discord at least we could practice speaking, if people are interested.

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Count me in! I’ve been contemplating the best way to tackle Genki 2 and this should really help keep me motivated.

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okay, here’s the discord server, its in the making but I’ll jazz it up over the next few days. Also please spread the word!

EDIT: fixed it to have the new link

I may hop in and out.
I’ve been checking out the material from Units 13-16 over the past few weeks. Genki’s a little odd, but I do find some of it helpful and engaging.

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Weekly meetups
  • Weekdays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

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Can everyone state when the weekly meetups work best for them? Meetups will be used to complete partner work and discuss content. Vote for as many options as youd like

Evenings are generally good for me, I’m in the GMT-7 timezone.8:00pm-midnight just about any day is good. I’m available most of the day on weekends and Mondays right now.

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I think you shared an expiring link ^^ It no longer seems to work!


During the day generally works best for me, so anytime 9am to 5pm, but I can be flexible. I’m in GMT-8. Just tried the Discord and it was expired for me too.

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Sounds great, I’ll try to follow along <3 I’m in a Japanese class right now doing Genki I but I’d already studied it before taking the class, and I’m hoping to work ahead some in Genki II before next year!

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Thanks for bearing with me guys while i get the hang of discord haha! new link @eainge

EDIT: same link as above

Mondays are also good for me during the day. I’m in the GMT-5 timezone.

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I’m on Chapter 18, but would like some review.
My time zone’s completely different (GMT+10) so I probably won’t be able to join meetups, but is it okay if I only ask questions/discuss? : )
(I will create a discord account. I want it for multiple reasons anyway)

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Yes please do! Also the benefit of the running things on discord is you could potentially find another member that is also GMT+10 and wants to set up meetings with you. Everyone is free to use the chat features and study rooms as they please :+1:

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Thanks! I just joined :slightly_smiling_face:

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