Genki 2 Study Group - now open!

I would be interested, too. Last year we already got up to lesson 17 in a uni course but we went pretty fast through everything and I’m afraid it didn’t really stick as i didn’t really have the time then to study more indepth myself.
I also got the workbook for extra exercises if you’re interested.

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Hi! Interested in joining this group! Would be great to have some people to practice the conversation and roleplay with.

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Please join by clicking here. There’s some initial information in #general :blush:

@JuiceS Yes, workbooks are welcome! :smiley:
@matskye Feel ya! :heart:

It’s up and running now, @Marifly @caladan22ph @matskye @WorldWanderer :smile:


I just finished BunPro’s JLPT path but I would like to be a bit more structured with my studies in a way so I’d love to join in (so I joined hah). I have a few things left to do to get up to speed but hopefully it’ll be fun.

I’m still on book 1 (I’d switched Bunpro instead) but I’ll see if I can catch up and if I can I’ll join :blush:

Welcome, @zyoeru! Thank you for joining. I will upload a poll in the group
soon to decide meeting times. Feel free to chat away.

No worries, @Kjwoods! We are not going to have a meeting until next week, in any case. We have only started introducing ourselves and chatted a bit :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ll make sure to announce our meeting here so anyone can join last-minute!


Our first session will be on Sunday, October 25, 2020. We are planning on holding every meeting on Sunday. We will work on Chapter 13.

There is a poll in the Discord server to decide the time that works best for us all. You can join here.

I have a couple of questions since I’ve never participated in one of these group study sessions before.

What preparation is expected before the session?
What will the structure of the session look like?

Sounds like just the type of thing that I need, well, depending on what time on Sundays you’re meeting :slight_smile: but in any case I’m gonna check out the discord! I finished going through genki 1 in uni and I have the 2nd edition of genki 2 + the workbook, but I dropped out of school before we could get started on that :woozy_face:

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Hi, @zyoeru!

The preparation expected is you getting familiarized with the vocabulary and grammar of each chapter.

What we do for the Genki 1 group is that we decide beforehand which pair work exercises from the book we will do. Then, on the day on the meeting, we take turns to read the dialogue in the chapter and do the exercises. That way we put grammar and vocab in action and get to speak a little 日本語 (which otherwise we wouldn’t really do).

We also get to ask each other questions about the grammar, vocab… in the chapter and help each other out if we struggle. After the session, some people do their Workbook exercises for the chapter and share their answers in pictures, compare, ask questions… We also have a channel in the server where we chat in Japanese whenever we fancy.

I hope I didn’t miss anything :smile:


Thank you so much, that was helpful. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be joining! Hopefully studying with other people can give me more discipline :sweat_smile:

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I’ll join soon, I forgot to check this forum over the weekend and now I’m back on a work computer but I’ll be online this afternoon!

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Our first session will finally be held at 5pm (GMT+1), on Sunday, October 25. Feel free to join us. Please practice Chapter 13 on your own beforehand.

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Just a friendly reminder that we will have our first session tomorrow at 5pm (GMT+1) and you all are still welcome! We are a group of 11 members right now. Feel free to join here!

We are having a conversational session today at 18:00 GMT+1 (in two hours) to talk about アルバイト and a NHK Easy article about コロナ. Feel free to join us and chat!

Hi everyone, Im a new member! I created a new WK Genki II study group because I though this one was inactive. Are you guys still meeting regularly? How far along are you in the book?

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