Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022

Hit Level 9 today! Already nearly at where I was before I reset, only with much more vocab done and a much more manageable schedule this time :sweat_smile: Hopefully in a week or so I’ll be 1/6th of the way up the Skytree!




Gotta love this :joy:

Congrats to everyone on their level ups :partying_face:

All of you are AWESOME :metal:



Thanks! I started back in 2015. Very long breaks indeed, I even reset back at 27 because the break was so long. Definitely worth it overall though, helps with reading substantially.


It is little harder than 31 to me. Mostly because of the leeches. I finished level 31’s vocabularies yesterday so technically just started :upside_down_face:


Genki II Study Buddies discord is up and running! We will be starting Chapter 13 the first week of March. We’re happy to have new members, hope to see you there! :hugs:

A link to the WK post for those that want to keep track of our progress


Level 7 today! This is the furthest I’ve gotten before. Hope I can keep it up :slight_smile:


I have plenty of leeches to keep me company :joy:

Some pay me visit every few days without fail like a true companion. One of these days I should check if I reached 100 times of getting it wrong :rofl:


I finished my fastest level yesterday after 8 days, and hit lvl14! Definately feel a bit more pressure and the review stack is certainly larger than what I’m used to but will try and stick with this speed to level 20 and then maybe mellow out the pace a bit.


Yes. Same :slight_smile:


I’ve managed to drag myself up another flight of steps: level 58 here I come! :partying_face: I’m almost there! *excited noises ^>^


level 8 today ^^ took 9 days 12 hours for level 7, longest one yet (but then, this is still early days, there might be much longer levels in future). sleep has been particularly bad recently, i’m going to blame my sleep (yes, always blame something out of your control :wink: )

tomorrow i’m moving my first items to enlightened, will be interesting to see how much has stuck in my memory


To any babies in the thread. DO NOT RUSH your first levels, even if you know them well. It just isn’t worth it. I’m currently deal with piles of burns from my first ten levels. It’s fine but when you mix it with the mental drain of new items…

Right now, it’s just one foot in front of the other until mid march…

I highly recommend 15-18 or less a day, even if you know them well, even if you have time. No way of know you will always have time everyday for a year or two.

I also recommend 8 or 9 day levels.

If it works from you, that’s fine, but what works now needs to continue working for the next year. So be careful.


I am really happy that i started reading starting this year. Even though it is relatively small time but i already feel i have seen alot of kanji i haven’t learned yet. Most notable ones 込むこむ i haven’t studied it yet. Of course haven’t really pick up it is meaning since most of the time i see it conjugated or whatever into other verbs.
Cough like those


Hi everyone!! I’m Juliana and I’m always lurking the community threads, and see this one often, but have been for some reason hesitant to join in…I think because sometimes when I set specific goals for myself, I subconsciously self-sabotage and end up getting off track. That ends now though!!
I’m going to be moving to Japan ~sometime~ this year, as in whenever the borders reopen, because I have a student visa just waiting to be verified and used. Even though I’ll be in Japanese language school, I want to stick with WK because its great review, actually kinda sorta fun, and goal-oriented.

When I reach level 60, my stats are gonna be all screwed up…I took a casual 2,000+ day (LOL) break after joining WK in 2014 at the very very beginning of my studies, because I was a poor high school student who didn’t want to pay monthly, and I studied Japanese throughout college and in Tokyo for a while. Just jumped back on the train about a year ago, but working full time and lingering corona depression has kept my level up time around 2 weeks, sometimes more.

Anyways…nice to meet you all :’) ! :heart:


Also, I have a quick question that maybe someone here will be able to answer…I cannot figure out for the life of me how to edit my profile description, ya know the part that pops up saying my name and age…I am no longer that age, lol. Thanks : - )


From the dashboard :slight_smile:
Welcome in the climb!


I started level 21 two or so days ago - I’m now 1/3 of the way through WK. Given my early August start time I believe I’m still on track to finish in spring of next year!


Left the later to enter the former.
Can’t wait for the release in April btw. :smiley:


FTFY Amagi san :wink:

Which books are you reading Kuuru san (Typing Stay_CoolXD feels awkward in a conversation. So I am shortening Cool to Kuuru and christening you with it :stuck_out_tongue: Also sounds pretty close to Kuro from Haikyuu :grin: )

I didn’t receive a request yet on PSN . Could it be due to my settings?

Welcome to the Club Juliana san :slight_smile:

Congrats on your Visa. I wish you good luck on your IRL adventure.

I am glad you decided to return Juliana san :slight_smile: It takes a lot of courage and commitment to come back and stay with it and I am elated you decided to join us :grin:

Slow and steady progress. 2 weeks is pretty fast. Also, move at whatever pace makes you comfortable.

Congrats on all your level ups.

Your reviews are offerings to our Lord Crabigator and all your actions are making the lord happy :grin:

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