Genki 2 Study Buddies

Does anyone want to create a study group for genki 2? Where we work through it, make friends, and study together?


I would love that! I’m still working through Genki 1 so, I’ll be a little behind but it’ll motivate me to stay on track and catch up to everyone

Where abouts are you up to in Genki 1? I recently moved countries a few weeks ago, and haven’t gotten back into studying because of how disruptive it’s been. So I’m about to begin Genki 2

I’m on Chapter 9. So, I’m not that far off from completing the first book.

I’m on Lesson 18 of Genki 2, but i’m going to go back and go through the workbook as a review. So i’m interested in a study group. Been trying to find one for awhile!

me, too! I finished Genki 1 a while ago and moved on to an in-person course using the Japanese for Busy People (3), but I’d still like to go through Genki 2 because I get a lot out of going through the exercises and workbook.

Any ideas on how to make it fun to go through Genki 2 as a group?

I wonder about doing a schedule of 4 weeks per chapter and giving each week a theme based on the front and back half of the book and workbook (hence 4 weeks, a week for each).

Example schedule

Week 1: Chapter 13 Main book grammar section
Week 2: Chapter 13 Workbook grammar section
Week 3: Chapter 13 Main book and workbook reading section
Week 4: Chapter 13 Workbook kanji section/catch-up or writing practice for those who go faster.

lol, I know that is snail’s pace compared to how some people burn through grammar books, but I like to spend most of my study time on reading/conversation practice. I’m happy to attempt going faster though!
Any thoughts @Rigansginger @Delphynia @lilyvsstar ?

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I was hoping others would reply as well. It seems like a good schedule. I’m going through the main grammar textbooks first, then going back to do the workbook and reading sections. I think for those just starting Genki 2, this is a great schedule!

Also for the week 4, we could try to do some speaking practice over like discord or something

Sounds good to me - what sort of timezones are you guys in? To see how well they match up. I’m in AEST

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This sounds fun!! Would love to be involved <3


I’m in Japan so JST I believe

I’ve never been part of a study group like this before. Would it be okay for you guys if I join to try and see if it is beneficial for me? I’m planning on being finished with the last chapter of Genki 1 in 2 weeks or so. But if you want to start already and go at a pace of 4 weeks per chapter, I’ll be able to catch up eventually. Please don’t wait for me. :wink:

My time zone is CET.
We’ll have to see if the time difference is a problem or not.

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I’m on HST (Hawaii Standard Time).
Here’s a timezone comparison:

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LOL, I guess we are all around the globe, I’m in CET (Central European). I’ll make a page this weekend to kick it off unless someone beats me to it. The live chats might be interesting to pull off, but we can just make two options and then each half of the world can catch up together :thinking:

I had some more ideas, too, on how to make it so that even as we follow Genki II, it is still interesting and open to other people from WK joining who use other books and are at a similar level (late N5 to early N3):

  • Grammar week: link to points in on wasabi/Tae Kim/tofugu, also have a writing prompt to include that grammar for people to join in
  • Workbook week: it’s possible for anyone to access Genki’s listening examples, which are really good in the workbook; it would also be fun to share some listening episodes from other sources that have a similar level or theme to that chapter’s vocab/grammar.
  • Reading week: we can have a prompt to talk about what we’re currently reading, or even share links to articles on similar themes as above
  • Kanji / speaking week - there’s a website I know that links to that Genki’s kanji by chapter - this would be a good prompt for writing practice. Also, the speaking practice will be open to anyone.

In this way, we can get a good coverage of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, kanji. So even if someone is going faster/slower, or a totally different book, it should still be fun to join in :smiling_face:


Yeah some of the prompts in the Genki books are difficult for me to think about in English. One of the prompts in Lesson 18 is “Tell a story of a failure or sad expereince, which happened contrary to your wishes.”

It’s like all my memories vanish as soon as I read these prompts :sweat_smile:

Pulling from other books/resources might help with a wider range of speaking prompts.

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:joy: definitely not how my brain works either. Hmm, oh, just let me think about my catalogue of experiences that happened contrary to my wishes

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Did we have an idea of when to start this study group?

I know I made the original post, but I’ve only posted on the wk forum once and know of discord but haven’t used it, so hopefully someone or everyone can help get this up and running? I’m not great at setting things up :sweat_smile:

I could set it up this weekend to start next week? I have a long holiday coming up so after the first 3 weeks, I would miss the next 3 updates. But maybe someone else could do those? Maybe I can figure out how to start it as a wiki that others can edit. Or would you guys prefer to start later?

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Same. I have no idea how discord works… :sweat_smile:

Sure, sounds good to me.

I’m fine with starting next week. I like the wiki idea.