[feature suggestion] Demote button on radical/kanji/vocab pages

Many people have requested for a way to self report their answers as wrong during reviews. Inevitably, this leads to people recommending use of the double check script. The problem is that the script is very brittle (as many people recently found out). I think having a way to self report answers as wrong would be beneficial, but I have a variation of that suggestion this time around, which achieves that goal and a little more.

My suggestion is for all radical/kanji/vocab pages to have a Demote button. This would work similarly to the Resurrect button which is available for burned items. The difference here is that the Resurrect button sends the item immediately back to Apprentice 1, whereas the Demote button would just drop the item by one SRS level.

This would allow people to effectively self report their answer as wrong by demoting the item twice (once to get it back to where it was and once to mark it wrong). But the added flexibility is a bonus since it would allow people to drop the item by as many SRS levels as they want.

What do you guys think? Who knows, maybe @viet and company will like this idea. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a simple and good idea :slight_smile:

I can only imagine that eventually I’ll want to unburn some items because I forgot them, but putting them in Apprentice 1 is just wasting time. Your idea could also fix this :slight_smile:



I like punishing myself. Sometimes, I lay on my stomach on a baking tray, fully basted and with an apple in my mouth and shove myself in the oven.
As such, I would love a way, as described, to punish myself in WK too :joy:.


I like it. It’s a simple concept design, and it won’t obstruct anyone who doesn’t want to use it. I personally don’t think I’ve ever had a situation come up yet where I’d use it, but who complains about more features? :rofl: I’d never heard of the Double Check script until it broke recently, but it seems it has quite a lot of users. Seeing as function of the script seems to make it break easily, I’d say this is definitely something to advocate to the Devs.

Of course, I would love it much more if it were a button provide on the Correct Answer screen that said OBJECTION! :upside_down_face:


We are drafting up redesign for the lesson and review modules; they are our next task (lessons will probably be first) once we solidify some of our other tasks (one being the new API).

I think the option of self reporting is a good one, but ultimately it has to go through a peer process. It’ll definitely be a topic.


That’s really…hot?

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One particular reason I like this suggestion is because it doesn’t require any changes to reviews. :slight_smile:

Either way, I’m glad you guys will be discussing this at some point.

I recently discovered that this feature would be very useful for me. I’m at the end of wanikani. Now it’s up to me to learn the rest of the language on my own. So i try to read as much as possible. Whenever I come across a vocab I don’t know I check if it is in wanikani. If it’s burned, then I resurrect it. If is enlightened I can’t do that. I have to wait up to 4 months for the review. I would be nice to have to option to manually fail the burn now (since I sort of already failed by having to look it up).


I was initially looking for a script that would do what is basically requested here (just to clarify, I would want this button available for all items, not just Burned ones):

But it would be better as a core WK feature, and someone pointed this thread out (doing it via script would require a slightly hacky workaround of answering it wrong a bunch of times, which would mess with stats). So rather than start my own thread I just want to emphasize that I’d also be extremely in favor of a demote option too.

In my case I would want to put it all the way down to Apprentice 1, but if I can just click the suggested Demote button a bunch of times and achieve the same thing, that works too.

maybe this is one of the secrets??!

gets excited even though that way lies only disappointment

Bringing this up again just for the sake of it :eyes:


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