We should be able to select individual kanji/vocab to reset

Personally, I get through about 90% of my kanji/vocab and know them perfectly, but about 10% are just tricky beyond belief and when I finally get them consistently, they get burned and disappear for good. I feel like a neat feature would be allowing users to select individual kanji/vocab to restart completely so we can get extra practice with difficult ones. Just an idea, maybe it’s dumb and there’s a reason it hasn’t been tried, but that’s just from my personal experience. Thanks!


Is “rest” in the topic title supposed to be “reset?”

You can do that. There’s a button at the bottom of a burned item’s page that says “Resurrect” and it will go back into your queue.



The fact that I’ve been doing this for two years and am just now seeing this is mortifying, terrifying, stupifying, petrifying, and anything else you can find in a thesaurus. I can’t lie: I feel quite dumb and more than a little blind, but I’m greatly appreciative that you took the time to respond. Thank you so much!


It’s true that it’s not easy to find, but it comes up as a discussion now and then on the forum. When to resurrect items, how many to resurrect, etc.

There’s also a burned item manager script that lets you do bulk resurrections as well.


Well I just started resurrecting some and it’s working pretty well, so thanks again for putting me on the right path! Much appreciated!


I hope you don’t mind I changed the title from ‘rest’ to ‘reset’ to make it easier for people to search for this topic in the future :slight_smile:

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Does it also the item to return to a lower SRS level? Which level? Thanks.

It’s like it’s a newly finished lesson, at the lowest SRS level.

I would prefer the burned items to continue coming back in my review queue every 6 months (or so), so I keep on being tested from time to time.
I have reset back in January, I am currently burning the Lvl 6, so I think it would be useful if my memory is tested 6 month from now.
But I would not like to have the Lvl6 back to be on top of my review queue, while I am already struggling with … let’s be optimistic level 60 lessons and items.

ps: there is a related thread, with some people advocating that once you burnt an item, either you continue practicing it in your Japanese readings, either the kanji is not worth the memorization effort and that’s fine.
I dont agree with that, because many people starting the WK journey dont have time to read external material until there done with their WK goal (ie. Lvl 60). Between WK lessons, reviews and grammar textbooks, I dont have much time left for other learning material. :thinking:

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