Feature suggestion: "Resurrect to Lesson queue"

I’d like to suggest a feature improvement.

Currently, "Resurrect"ing a burned item places it into your review queue.

I think it would be useful, and help extend the usefulness of WaniKani after hitting level 60, if we could instead place an item back in our lesson queue. This is so that you would be able to resurrect a bunch of items as you discover you’ve forgotten them, and then work through the resulting lessons at an appropriate pace.


I think you should be able to demote any item to any lower SRS level, including to level 0 = lesson queue.


How can I do that?

You can’t. I’ve been saying for 3+ years that WaniKani should add this feature, but they still haven’t.

Here’s the first time I made the request. Since then I’ve tweaked the suggestion to ask that they allow you to demote the item to any lower SRS level.


Are you still hopeful? :eyes:

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