Resurrect to Enlightened instead of Apprentice

As I’m nearing level 60 I notice that I’ve already forgotten many kanji I burned previously - I’m not going too fast, and I already forgot some which I learned a year or two ago. It would be nice to refresh them and relearn if needed, but restarting everything from scratch, like resetting my entire progress to level 1 or resurrecting all of them all the way to Apprentice feels like too much - I don’t want to repeat all kanji for the sake of maybe 5-7%.

Which made me think it would be cool to be able to reset them to Enlightened instead, which would give me the chance to fail them and start over, or answer correctly and confirm them in that way. I did of course a small research here in the community and in the available user scripts, but it seems it is just technically not possible, unfortunately.

Did I miss something similar? Or what do you people think?



Interesting idea! No further input unfortunately.

What do you think of using KameSame or KaniWani to review your burned items? Added benefit of training them the output vs input way, and it does jog your memory quite a bit.


You can use the self-study script which has an option to review burned items. No need to resurrect them :wink:


I remember asking them about this earlier this year, and they said it’s a planned feature to give users more control of burned items (I’d opt-in to a never-burn system myself, keep everything at enlightened forever). Anyway, since we haven’t gotten any news on it lately, presumably it’s still in the backlog.


I asked for the same feature in a different thread about the burned items.
Rather that using a button to resurrect individual items, I would prefer a global settings that says “burned items reappears in the review every N months”.


I’m not trying to sound dismissive, but when it’s just a few words from a long time ago, isn’t that a bit like forgetting something in your native language? Couldn’t you simply look them up as you come to them?
Sounds like I’m shrugging off the problem, I know, but I think that’s what I’d do faced with that problem - so it’s a genuine attempt at solving it!

Have you only used WaniKani for kanji practice? You could learn to write kanji and that would help you remember the ones you forgot. After completing WaniKani you have much better kanji knowledge then you think. You may have forgotten some kanji but after seeing them a few times they should come back. You could always export your level to anki, go through the deck and every time you get one wrong put it in a new deck for you to review and everything you get right, just ignore.

I would second using KameSame or KaniWani to reinforce your knowledge. I generally encourage people to use it alongside WK, but in your case you could simply configure one of the two for Burned items only, and go through with that.

It is a totally different experience, though, producing Kanji instead of recognizing it, which is why I do it concurrently. Sometimes it may seem as if you’ve never learned them at all.


I don’t know if it’s still a feature, but you can always instantly re-burn an item you unburned. You could unburn something, do a few reviews, say, up to guru 2, then just burn it again.

You can still do that. indeed. Using a userscript like Burn Manager you can even do it in batches… :thinking:

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When you resurrect burned items yourself:

  • you know what (which level you resurrected)
  • you know when (you just resurrected burned items, so you know what to expect)

If WK introduces a setting, each individual item would be in the review queue N months after its burn date. Hence new reviews of burned items would hardly be anticipated, users would be taken by surprise and resurrection would be more efficient.


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