Could we get an option to reset individual (non-burned) radicals/kanji/vocab?

Every now and then, I catch myself looking up a word that’s actually built into WaniKani, and so I go to un-burn it and relearn/practice it here with whatever new context in mind. Sometimes though, I find that I can’t do this, because the item is up for a burn review in the next 9 days, or a month, etc.

In these cases, I either have to miss them deliberately when they show up, or remember to un-burn them when I’m done with the review session.

I’ll probably remember 柔和 when it shows up in 9 days, but I can’t remember the last word that had ~30 days left to go; whatever it was or whatever context I found it in are already forgotten by now :confused:


So, is there a chance we could simply get a “reset” button for items, even if they aren’t burned yet? :pray:


For Tofugu people: I also want this feature!


My request for (something like) this is over two years old, so don’t hold your breath…


about time they get to work then. big QoL change for little cost, basically low hanging fruit.


Not quite. I believe Viet has said that he didn’t really know how to implement that in a good way

Obviously we have no insight into their code or data, but I don’t see why it would be that bad. Change is_burned to highest_srs_level_achieved and backfill the data with all the historical review data they have (backfilling data is never fun, but it’s doable). Add a new API endpoint to let people demote any item to a lower SRS level (requiring write permissions), including lessons / level 0. Boom, you don’t even need to update the UI for phase one.



please please please make this happen!!!


In my experience, this is usually the first indication that things will get really really hairy…

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Since I didn’t see this mentioned, as a nice in-between solution, you can actually put an item all the way back to Apprentice 1 when you find it in a review, even if it’s Enlightened.
The new position of a review item goes back an x amount of places for every 2 incorrect answers. When the item is Guru+ that x is 2, if it’s Apprentice that x is 1.
Basically, just answer the review item wrong at least 7 times for [Enlightened], 5 times for [Master, Guru 3 and Apprentice 4], 3 times for [Guru 1 and Apprentice 3] and 1 time for [Apprentice 2].

I know this isn’t per se the solution you’re looking for, but it’s at least something you can do for the time being.


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