No Self-Reporting "Wrong" button?

Hello all; apologies for a perceived habit of silence on my part. I tend to solely lurk on most online forums I’m privy to.

A suggestion: coming from basic usage of Anki, why does Wanikani not have a button when, upon answering a question correctly, that a user can purposely mark themselves wrong? This is somewhat of a niggling concern, as certain words may have a very specific meaning that a wrong answer may be interpreted in the system as “Your answer was a little off,” before marking you as correct.

For those masochistic perfectionists out there, the occasions where such events occur can be somewhat problematic. I also feel as if this feedback must have been made sometime in the past. Is there anything code/devtool-wise that can be done to implement such a self-nuke button?

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There is the “close-but-no-cigar” script. It warns you when you make a typo, instead of marking it as correct. That way you can decide whether you made a mistake or not.

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The closest would be… Can tell wrong right, and say right is wrong.

For Anki lovers, but may do harm…

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As for wanikani double check, in case anyone is curious, it was i believe at the time i wrote it (and perhaps still, i havent been payinf attention) the only “ignore” type script that could change right to wrong. Because of the way wanikani has enclosed the code it was difficult if not impossible to change the mark before it was submitted. Wrong answers hang around and dont contact the server until the item is done. Right answers are submitted before telling you they are right. I had to swap two lines in that enclosure and the only way i could think of was to copy the whole mess out… For two lines. So it might not play well with other scripts and overwrite any updates wanikani make to that particular bit if they do. Just a heads up. But if it helps then great, thats what its there for.

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It works very well, with a little bug in the percentage correct…

And sometimes I just want to mark the right item WRONG.

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Maybe @viet would be interested to know about this case. For all we know it could be an easy change on their end to make this functionality easier for scripts.

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Yes please!

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My guess is its that way to get past the edge case where it might not get submitted if you get it right and close the window or leave the page before pressing enter again. You might need to listen for some kind of pre-close event from the browser which i havent bothered to do.

Many thanks all; it took the implementation of Tampermonkey, but the “Wrong is right” script itself works well. My only undeserved thought would be that it’d be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for the self-nuke button as well, but cheers for the programming. I’ll see how this works in conjunction with the “Close-but-no-cigar” script. Both sound very attractive.

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[quote=“Ethan, post:4, topic:17404”]
Wrong answers hang around and dont contact the server until the item is done. Right answers are submitted before telling you they are right.
[/quote] That’s so weird. Is there a reason they treat them differently? I thought the app had the data/handled validation client side, so it seems really unnecessary.

It is clientside, but it only contacts the server for an item if you complete it. In that contact it gathers the information on how many times you got each part wrong (if you did). It does this in an anonymous enclosure and before you move on to the next item. IIRC i coded the script to submit as you move on to the next item, so if you got one right and just closed the window without going to the next review it would probably not submit it. Don’t know for sure though, it has been a while since i reviewed it. The problem was that it’s in an anonymous closure, not so much about the order of the lines (for which I’ve already theorized the reason)

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