WaniKani Content Overhaul

Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking too. Sort of folding in this tool with a permanent feature that lets you put your leech items back into re-education. That would be the best way I see the kanji-relearn feature going through (by thinking ahead and making it applicable to the future instead of just right now).


If my opinion is any useful, I really think that’s exactly the way to go :v::slight_smile:

That is correct - these items are treated like a normal content update (which we do all the time, but in smaller batches usually). So, there’s no old/new mnemonic tab.

I think when things settle down I’m going to consider a changelog for changes like this that people can view to see changes, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

but but but… you’re at the best level, don’t you want to stay at 42 forever?


We’ll look into letting folks dismiss that next week. Right now it’s just on a timer. In the meantime, maybe put on some sunglasses? :sunglasses:


Might I recommend a variation of this suggestion I made a while ago? Rather than just sending items back to lessons, it would be nice to be able to demote any item to any (lower) SRS level, including the lesson queue.


Hello @oldbonsai,

Your list contains e.g. https://www.wanikani.com/kanji/控 but that’s definitely still showing kun’yomi as primary reading for me on that page…?

No, in fact, I’m going to make sure you don’t ever renew again.




That’s either a gift lifetime subscription, or a scheduled ban. To be honest, both would be justified. :smile:


Yeah, it’s only the ones I’ve burned.

what do u mean by that <.<


Just leave it up until the New Year sale TBH.

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we have a track jumper here. quick, call the station staff while i hold him down!

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Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the content overhaul @koichi and team - I know it must have taken a lot of work.

While I like others will miss boobs and friends, I can see how these changes make a lot more sense. I’m grinding through the radical lessons now - the biggest impact is finding out that the kanji mnemonics have all changed and having to go relearn them. And the flip to onyomi has stumped me a few times because I haven’t encountered that reading before.

I only reset to 1 a few months ago, so a lot of these radicals (and affected kanji) are very familiar. What I find interesting is that I’ll be able to remember both the old and new radicals/mnemonics. So hopefully it actually provides extra reinforcement :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah you’re right, afterall I’ve been level 42 for 72days. I can handle another day

The list is not exactly what I was looking for. Normally we learn the readings with a mnemonic, now we just have to memorise a bunch of random sounds off a list, create our own mnemonic, or look them all up individually? If I look them all up individually it’s a lot of effort I can put in before I can then go back to my reviews, which are mounting up in the meantime. Or if I answer a review by looking it up in a list I don’t really know it do I?

It seems like the answer is to reset back to the beginning? After a year and a half of hard work plus financial investment I don’t really find this an acceptable answer. I don’t really have the time for a whole lot of additional self study.

It works best I think if you have your lesson ordering set to ascending level. If you do that then all the new radical lessons will come up first because they will be from the earlier levels.

Once you’ve got the new radicals out of your lesson queue then stop doing lessons for a few days until you’ve guru’d the new radicals. From that point on, it’s business as normal.

Really it should only take you a few days to get back on track.


Oh man… I had worked out which train you were catching too. :frowning:

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This might be in my imagination and maybe doing tens of thousands of reviews is tripping my brain out, but I failed this burn today by writing “by way of” as the meaning:

I don’t have the old mnemonics enabled but I remember something about dropping out of a helicopter “by way of” a lion person drop system? Have some of the meanings been changed? If so this is going to be very frustrating for me.

I’m pretty sure this has happened with something as well, like before the change I think 冊 had “books” as an accepted meaning and I lazily entered it in on a review set after the overhaul and got pinged as incorrect, but it only has 3 synonyms now and it definitely had more than that before the update… am I going to fail a bunch of burns because I have the wrong exact verbatim phrase association when the intended effect is the same?

I seriously nearly entered “by means of” but I was sure those 2 were the only synonyms and that “by way of” was the primary association, but now it has all these other synonyms. Am I losing my mind?

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