(Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check

:point_right: [2.0.11] - Fix response to bad input (empty answer, non-ascii in English, ascii in Japanese)

This also fixes the duplicate SRS notification at the end of the session.


Hey! I’m doing my reviews and when I type in an answer, the bar doesn’t change to red or green, it just goes on to the next item. I can only figure whether I got it right by checking the percentage on the upper screen. Besides, because the next item is already displayed right after I typed an answer, I don’t have enough time to click on “Item Info”. So, even if I can guess that my answer was wrong, I can’t check the correct answer on the spot.
It goes back to normal when I deactivate this script.

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I’m having the same issue :o :frowning:

I’m also having this issue. Interestingly, if you click the right arrow, it reloads the whole page.

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We updated our javascript. The update changed how we reject invalid inputs (when to “shake”). This probably broke Double Check.


  • Reading answers: any ASCII detection will shake


  • Reading answers: any character not cjk punctuation, hiragana, katakana, zenkaku present will shake

@viet I know this has been brought up before because of the fragility of this script, but do you guys have any near-term plans to add this type of Double Check functionality of even just a way to demote items outside of reviews? By near-term I guess I’m wondering if it’s on like a 3-6 month roadmap or anything like that.

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I turned on vacation mode until we can get a fix.

I’ll take a look tonight. Double Check relies on WK’s “answerChecker” to report what it thinks is good/bad/close/invalid.


You’re awesome. Thanks for all you do with this plug-in!

:point_right: [v2.0.12] - Fix answer checking after WK update

I tested this with spaces before and after readings and meanings, and it worked fine. Interestingly, I don’t think I’m actually stripping the spaces in my code, so it appears to be doing it in either WK’s code, or in Wanakana, which is the IME they use.

@Matsunaga @conan @NihongoWaBenkyot @seanblue


Works like a charm, tyvm <3


You’re amazing (and your scripts as well). Thanks a lot :v:

I’m having an issue. Suddenly now when I hit enter if it’s correct, it goes automatically to the next item without any delay. This is the only script I use that manages delays and double-checking, so I suspect this one is making it do this.

I checked the settings. delay_period: 1500, It’s ok.

Something wrong?

[EDIT] This is definitely a new error. I disabled this script, and now it works perfectly. @rfindley I think you made this script, so I ping you!

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seconding, additionally, it doesn’t display the green vs. red cues. only started happening yesterday for me, was trying to figure out which script it would be, looks like this is it

@ludera @l0st,
Wanikani made a change yesterday that started causing the issue you’re describing with this script. Did you install the fix that I uploaded last night? (see about 5 posts above)

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Thank you!

It’s updated automatically. I had the last version (2.0.12?) but I downgraded it to 2.0.11 and fixed it.

But now today happened again, so they changed something else again… because it doesn’t work with 2.0.11 either (I used it today like 8 hours before and worked. Not it doesn’t…).

So I’m upgrading up to 2.0.12 again! But I don’t know if it’s going to work…let me try

Ok. Seems like now with 2.0.12 is working right. … this is dark magic. Whatever. It’s fixed, they did something that fixed it once again somehow… ?..thanks!

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meant to reply to this earlier - i’ll download the fix, that must be it. didn’t notice the update

@rfindley having an issue where moving to the next item with this script turned on cuts off the audio readings for vocab, and since I’m using lightning mode with it, I never hear the audio. which is disappointing, I’ve got autoplay audio turned on bc i find it really helps reinforce the readings in my head.

I’ve been turning this script on and off bc I can’t decide between having double check or vocab audio - anyone got an alternative, at least until this one gets a fix?