(Back up) Floflo.moe - A WK-friendly website for reading

New version of the website is https://koohi.cafe . I only keep Floflo up because it has some features like exporting, etc. and because Koohi lacks some core features such as password resets. Use Koohi if you’re a new user.

Hey what’s up Wanikani, it’s me ya boi. I’ve been working on a website for a few months and thought you guys might find it useful.

The website floflo.moe is designed to help ease learners into reading by optimizing the vocabulary-learning process. It’s also free (I don’t know why people keep asking me this).

It has a few unique features:

  • Dynamically generated vocabulary lists from native novels: Words appear in the order they appear in the novel. No more guessing what words you need to know.
  • Word tracking across multiple lists: Any words you learn are marked and duplicates are removed from every vocabulary list, creating a tailored learning experience.
  • Hooks up with Wanikani: insert your level to automatically mark words you’ve already learned as known
  • Vocabulary list filtering options: Remove all katakana words, set a minimum required word frequency, show verbs only, etc.
  • A WK/Houhou-style SRS
  • Customizable SRS Options
  • Add your own vocabulary/kanji

Basic usage guide
Available books

Floflo offers free vocabulary lists. I do not sell copies of books.


Vocabulary list for Flowers le Volume sur Printemps

View of the SRS (desktop)

Alchemizer Beta (vocabulary list combining and filter):

For more info about the website visit this page.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Start with an easy book (sort by ‘unique words’)
  • Turn on katakana/hiragana filters (whatever you want)

Trello Board

View progress updates, etc. Here.


  • Q: Is it free? A: Yes. You have to own the book to read the book though.
  • Q: Can I import progress from Anki? A: You can import stuff from anki to mark it as a known word. This won’t allow you to review it but it’ll help the vocabulary list filter filter it out. Go to Account->Word Manager->Import
  • Q: Can I import progress from Houhou? A: Yes, you can retain your data as well. There may be corrupted columns because Houhou’s export is a little wonky and those won’t be retained.

User Scripts (not my responsibility):
@Naphthalene’s Word Count Expander: lists word counts on the ‘recent books’ page when available.

Also check out Flippantry’s website. She helped with the SRS’s visual design.


I’m, like, totally ready for the community’s judgement btw


Okay, you got me laughing. :laughing:

I shall reserve judgement. Thanks for sharing your hard work! :+1:


It looked like this not so long ago. They grow up so fast :')


Ok, Imma gonna give you the life of this dead man and see what I think of it somewhere in the future.

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Okay a couple of questions to start off with.

Will there be options for linking to dictionaries to load vocabulary?

I noticed when loading in the fields for that the description text remains. There is a way to have that as a background or something right? Just to avoid annoying the user/?

Are you going to add referral links to the books or have you done it already?

I might at some point. My site’s in a legal grayzone probably. Amazon links are there because I want people using ebooks since they can get samples.

Sorry, not sure what you mean exactly.

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To which question? Both?

Yep, both.

Okay, I’ll try again.

What would be nice is if I have a word I would like to load is if I could pull the definition from an online dictionary of some sort, such as Jisho.

In regards to the other question you can see in the picture below that the description of the fields remain when entering the content with the exception of the word and reading. It would be nice if that text went away somehow.

Also I seem to be having any issue with starting a lesson. When I try to select the word to queue for a lesson it drops me down to the edit section. I’m probably missing something I’m sure.

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That’s hella strange. What browser?

I am using Chrome

Control click the items you want to queue and then click the queue button. A normal click does edits. Maybe I should switch that around?

As for the bug. Is the thing stuck there permanently as you type or is it just the default text value not clearing when you enter something for the first time?

I think I can do that.

Ah! Got it. Yes, I would switch. Clicking is more intuitive.

The default text is just not clearing, but I can erase it on my own.

Got it, I’ll take the website down at midnight PST and make the changes.

As a test I created a word that would require katakana, but it is not accepting in either katakana or hiragana.

It accepts hiragana for me but not katakana (as somewhat intended). I automatically convert katakana to hiragana when checking answers.
Edit: Yeah so that shouldn’t be hard to fix
Are you a CS major? Just curious.

Weird, I flipped it around the way I think it was intended, but the hiragana is still not working. I think I created the reading right…

He’s a CS savant.