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I’m wondering what everyone uses for vocabulary learning. Wanikani does touch on it but it’s clear they only teach you word best used to remember kanji reading rather than what you need in everyday life. And I feel like I’m getting to the point where I need more vocab. Does anyone have any recommendations??

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I really recommend Torii. :slight_smile:

It’s free, with a desktop and Android version. Made by a WK level 60 user, so you can also use WK mode - which excludes any core 10K terms that are covered in WK so that you’re not learning things double.

Audio of simple example sentences with each item means you can also practice some grammar and listening while you go through the lists.

You can also set it to be tested both JP → EN, and ENG → JP, so both recognition and recall can be worked on if that’s what you want.

There is also FloFlo - a website that generates word lists for Japanese books. There are some free online books linked there. It’s meant to SRS vocab so that you can then more easily get stuck into a book while already knowing a lot of the vocab, so you don’t have to stop every 2 seconds to look something up. You can filter words based on frequency. Freq 1 for every word in the book, and freq 3, for example, for words that only appear three times or more. That way you know that any unfamiliar word you encounter only shows up once or twice.


I use Anki and make my own cards when I come across vocab I want to learn. Limit it to show you just a few new words/phrases a day. Only add words you are coming across multiple times (unless you have specific vocab you need for a test).
I use Yomichan (add-on for chrome) to quickly add new cards for words I come across while browsing. I use Subadub (another add-on) to be able to add words from within Netflix shows (it makes the subtitles selectable and allows Yomichan to work with them too)

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