Site with reading practice that uses WaniKani

I had an idea yesterday about creating a website that looks at what you know from WaniKani, and picks reading exercises from the list of Kanji you know. Does anything like this exist already or should I try to create something like this? Any other feature requests would be pretty cool too

Also, first post, woohoo


If I remember correctly FloFlo is the name of a website that uses SRS to help you train vocabulary for actual Japanese books, light novels and such, which can take into account your Wanikani level and known vocabulary. I thought there were some more websites like it, but I can’t remember if that’s something I’ve actually seen, or previous names of the same website.
When you say reading exercises though, it sounds like you’re talking about a different approach, like showing text and helping you learn through those somehow? I don’t know if there is anything like that, but it sounds interesting. In any case, there is a whole section on additional Japanese resources and reading specific resources, so you could start by having a look through there and see what you find.

In any case interesting to see if you come up with something, and welcome to the forums!


Also, Satori Reader allows you to input your WK API key - and then it would know which words you’ve already learnt and hide readings for them


Satori Reader was my first thought on reading this, although it’s not exactly the same idea. I’d love to see what you come up with.

@Raionus has changed to, here is the thread: Weow! - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!].


Sakubun is a website which gives sentences containing only kanji you already know from a kanji list you provide (in this case, from your WaniKani kanji) and has you guess the meaning of the sentences. I use it everyday to sentence mine for my Anki deck.