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For those of you who don’t know, was shut down and a new and improved version was released over at is a site meant to help with vocabulary acquisition from reading, which for most is a large problem given the massive quantity of words found in some light and visual novels, as well as regular novels.

This review of floflo is meant for people like me, those who want to increase their reading skill as fast as possible and get to reading the things they want to read. People who don’t focus primarily on reading are still welcome to hear my thoughts obviously, but just keep in mind that the things I say may not apply as much for you.

This is a long post so I’ll get right to the point and say: Using floflo may very well be one of the best decisions I have ever made (alongside choosing to use wk) on my path to being able to read, and I highly recommend it. If you want to learn to get reading as fast as possible, this is the way to go. I am extremely happy with the results and believe it has a lot to offer you as well.

Now for the why. Why is it so good?

In order to get better at reading, you have to read: Seems obvious, right? Learning words from a list like the 10k will expand your vocabulary quite a bit, sure. I even did it myself for a few months. The problem is that not all of those words will be very useful on your journey to reading. You can learn as many words as you want, but if they’re not used in whatever you’re reading, you’ll be just as lost and incapable of reading as before. I even used to add words as I would work my way through visual novels, but with that, there was no way of knowing how useful those words will be. Some of them, I have yet to ever see again after adding them. Meanwhile I probably didn’t add some words that I have encountered multiple times since then.

Floflo helps you with making sure that 100% of the words you learn are used in whatever it is you are trying to read. Furthermore you can choose to only learn words that appear often and skip the one-time-wonder words that you won’t be seeing again since floflo shows you how many times words appear in your book. All this amounts to being able to read much earlier/more and focus on any grammar weak points you may have. Not to mention its a lot easier to remember words after seeing them while reading ime.

All this sounds really nice, but how does it actually work in practice? Good question, Vanilla. I have been using floflo for exactly 2 months now and have just under 1200 words added so far. Those words nearly all coming from a light novel named OreShura. The amount of progress I have seen as a result of those 2 months were far beyond my expectations. Reading this light novel has become vastly easier and I’m only 1/13 of the way through the series (there are 13 volumes total). Towards the end of the first volume, during interesting parts I would read multiple pages without problem and completely forget to be adding words as I’m reading. Meanwhile, at the start of the novel, I couldn’t go a couple sentences without being lost due to my insufficient vocabulary. But don’t just take my word for it, take my word for it…in the form of a picture! Here are the first two full pages and second to last two (last page had a picture on it so I just went with the two before it). I have highlighted the words I didn’t know at the time of reading. See a difference?




If we are just learning the words for one book, what happens when you move onto a different book? You won’t be back to being lost. Depending on the two books in question, quite a bit of vocab will overlap. Obviously sequels will share the most, but actually, while about halfway through OreShura I went back to playing a VN I started up a couple months earlier. When I started it up, I had moderate difficulty reading it. After revisiting it (after using floflo for a month or so), I noticed a huge drop in difficulty. Far more vocab overlapped than I thought, and my reading speed had naturally increased. I think the only thing that tripped me up was them talking about the legal aspects of marriage and inheritance which certainly isn’t something I had come across before.

So whats the catch? Obviously not everything is perfect, and that goes for floflo as well. The imperfections are, however, fairly minor and go away after using it for some time. Misparses (where floflo doesn’t properly break down the words), do occur, but these are centered around more colloquial expressions or times when the author injects some extra っs or something. Ultimately, they become less and less frequent as you trash more and more words. This is solved by handparsing, which is available on one of the books and more to come afaik, so if you are really new and need the help with parsing words (which is a common problem for people just starting out), the option is there.

When should you use it? Honestly, I wish floflo was around a lot sooner. It’s not just something for level 60s who know a buncha kanji or whatever. I recommend reading asap, and I highly recommend floflo as being the tool that accompanies you from the start. There are quite a few beginner level books, and you can gradually work your way up. Furthermore, you can join the reading club here on the WK forums for extra buddies to help along the way as their books are added to floflo as well iirc.

Final thoughts: Ultimately, its fun to make progress and be able to see that progress, and if you want to make progress, floflo will deliver hands down. Furthermore it allows you to see that progress by seeing your remaining words shrink, the percentage of known words in the book increase, and actually allowing you to read and see the fruits of your labor. Nothing is more satisfying than reading something and having it make sense.

If you have any questions or thoughts, lay them on me. I’m not expecting there to be much discussion, but as floflo is quite new and consequently without any reviews by its users, I just want to spread the word of this new site that has a lot to offer imo.


@Raionus has a fun avatar therefore floflo is okay in my book. :+1:


Ooh floflo appreciation thread? Count me in!
After studying words from floflo for several weeks I finally started reading a visual novel I had bought many months back. The first time I started it up I couldn’t even get past the first few sentences. Yesterday I spent somewhere between 1-2 hours on it and while I couldn’t understand every detail perfectly, I was able to understand the overall gist of each scene to an extent. I don’t think I could have done this so soon without floflo and I’m really thankful for the service for the extreme help in easing the dive into reading novels as most of what I’d read has been manga so far.


Seeing the admin pic looking at me every time I load up floflo has been my biggest motivator~


Yeah, I just pinned the site in a tab so I can look at it whenever I want.



Hadnt heard of this before!! I looked at the website a little but I couldn’t figure our for sure whether there are any costs?? I mean do you pay for using floflo?

NEVERMIND i found out.
So that’s nice, I just need to figure out how to get the books though


If you go on the page, it has the link to where to get it

Some are free, and will give you a link directly to where you can read it~


Thank you!! I see!!
Sorry I’m on my phone so I will start exploring tomorrow!! Really excited, it looks really nice.


I third and fourth Vanilla on this. It has been super awesome. I started SAO a few months ago, and it was not doable. Now it has become a relatively easy read through floflo, and I have increased my vocab by a few hundred words with minimal pain and suffering. If I keep my current rate, I will have increased my vocab by around 7000 words in the course of a year without breaking a sweat. Similar to wk, it is making things automatic and really friendly for learning. It is turning learing into habit and habit into fun and fun into practical knowledge that leads to easy reading. Do it for Johnny.


Maybe I should beg to have Urara Meirochou vocabulary added. :thinking:


Im actually not sure how adding manga goes, since its not as easy to get the text i think. @Raionus can give you the real answer, but if its possible, might as well see what happens just in case people actually end up voting it up~


Could be a Patreon goal to add the vocab lists from the beginner book club to the site :o

Edit I say “Patreon goal” since I’m assuming those would have to be added by hand.


You might be able to get the anime script added though. The problem with manga is there’s no easy parsing. Though you might be able to get it added if you meticulously parse all of the vocabulary yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Is that a new Halloween themed Chiya avatar? Looks nice!

@conan You’d need like two people to independently go through the manga and parse the text, then compare notes in case there’s any discrepancies. It’s a pretty significant task!


Really high Patreon goal, haha.


Makes sense.

That sounds like it’d be a massive pain in the ass.

I made (and used) it last year. Thanks. chiya_emoji

I just stuck Koume’s (character from the same series) witch hat on her and found some spooky looking background.


Is legal? That is, do they have distribution rights for the books?

What do you think its distributing? Maybe I wasnt clear, but the links to the actual books takes you elsewhere, to other websites that do have the rights.


Note that some of the books (the ones from Aozora Bunko) are in the public domain, and thus are free to read.
Obviously, you’ll have to pay for the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s surprisingly little moe on


Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:
More seriously, just recommend stuff and get people to vote for it…