Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 24 Discussion


How did I not notice that?!

I wish you’d stop saying stuff like this. I don’t want to know what we won’t know. It kills some of the anticipation of future chapters.


It turned out it was the 買って出る bit which confused me - I hadn’t realised that was a word in its own right either. :joy:


p137 What does this mean? Aika says it as they enter the shop.


So now that I’m finished this chapter (late), here are my many questions and comments. It was a much harder chapter than other recent ones…


  • Page 112: Is Aika saying that Akira is jealous because she (Aika) loves Alicia?
  • Page 112: 異っ常にライバル視しているのよ - what does 異常に mean here? Akira thinks of Alicia as a rival, but in what way?
  • Page 117: 3つ数える内に出てこい.What does 内に mean here? Logically it should be “come out by the time I count to three” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this usage before.
  • Page 118: こんなにも優しい先輩…他におるまい?(In resposne) いまくりです - I’m not sure what おるまい means or いまくり in response (I see @Kyasurin’s question about the latter still wasn’t answered).
  • Page 127: 別に改まって話すようなことでもないっしょ - what does 改まる mean in this sentence?
  • Page 133: This is right after Alicia says Akira and Aika are similar in a positive way. Akira then says だーかーらーっ、おのれのそーゆう所が大っ嫌いなんじゃああああ! - so who hates what place? Is Akira still focused on Aika hating her or am I completely off?
  • Page 135: あんまり私にキツくあたらないの - is this saying that people are too formal with her?

Phew, now onto my other thoughts and comments on the chapter!

I noticed this too. Oh well…

  • I loved how they imagined the fairies on pages 114 and 121 (and I can’t believe I didn’t notice the devil version).
  • Alicia torturing Akira on page 121 was hilarious.
  • In the first panel of page 133, Akira looks so uncomfortable having gotten the complement from Alicia. :laughing:
  • On page 141, anyone else notice President Aria trying to show off to President Hime by doing some flips?
  • More in general, I really liked Akira and how she was introduced. Looking forward to more of her!


Yes :smile:

I am thinking “way more than would normally be expected”

I assume this is more 関西弁、meaning 他にいますか?

I think she’s saying that no-one is hard on her, because she’s the boss’s daughter. Whereas Akira pushes her (e.g. to clean up her room :joy:)

I will leave your other questions for the next player…


Oh, I didn’t even notice this question. I’ve honestly not got the foggiest idea, but ADV’s gone with “But you’ll never find a sweeter mentor than me.” “Sure I can”. If that helps you (or someone) to reverse-engineer it.

Do you want an answer to this question, or is it rhetorical? Only, @seanblue will probably stab me if I do answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I read it as something like “Stop lollygagging and get in here” - I imagine ほれポケ is some kind of onomatopoeia (or perhaps ほれ is dialectical and ポケ is onomatopoeic), but that’s more a gut feeling than anything I can back up with a dictionary. Or Google.

Negative volitional form of Kansai-ben version of いる, I’d say.

I figure “to stand on ceremony; to be formal​”, since they’re talking about her being the heir to the throne.

Think it’s more like “This kind of thing is what I [Akira] hate about you [Alicia]”.


On that basis, I will lock the cutlery drawer and retract my question. :joy:


Those examples use the “while” meaning of うちに, so I still don’t see how that fits here. “Come out while I count to three” kinda works I guess, so maybe it just doesn’t work as a literal translation? But I would expect something more like 三つ数えるまでに出てこい.

I’m also not sure of the breakdown, but I agree with your educated guess. Though that’s partially because of misread ポケっと as ボケっと which fits the situation.

Hmm, yeah. I gotta remember that おる = いる.



My local native speaker assures me they are the same thing, although ポケ is a lighter condition.

They also say that ほれ is like ほら, my dictionary agrees.