Are there any useful plugins for KaniWani?

Hey all
Just wondering if there was any useful plugins/extension/scripts for KW similar to WKs.
Tried searching to no avail.

KaniWani is itself a thing that was written using the WaniKani API, so it’s like an giant extension that lives on its own website. I’m not sure how easy it would be for him to make extensions work for it in light of that.

But options and improvements are often added.


See this post


It seems that one could develop userscripts if they wanted to, because you can query the KaniWani API:


Yeah there is a full-on API, which is what the KW frontend uses to show you…well, kaniwani as you know it. Kaniwani is two fully distinct components, the frontend and the backend. The backend is a (mostly) restful API. You are free to develop extensions/plugins against it. You can see autogenerated documentation here: . Some of it may be incorrect, but like I said, this is autogenerated.

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I created a small script that adds a blurred hint of the expected answer to a review question to differentiate the synonyms that WK likes to put on the same level.

It seems to be stable now, and reduced my desire to smash my head against the wall for mixing up feeling, feeling, and feeling down to Apprentice 1 again.

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