How do you WaniKani?


I just added some extensions a few days ago and I really like how they’ve improved my user experience. I am curious what extensions and third-party apps people are using. Let me know if there is something you use and how it has improved your WK experience/learning! I’ll put what I have below:

1.Wanikanify - I like having my vocab and kanji pop up in websites to help me review. Yes, it has the drawback of not being able to recognize words that have different meanings but are spelled the same in English (ex. the month of May being used in place of the verb “may”). However, I have found it’s really helped me solidify some vocab and kanji. It also helps me learn the other meanings of words. (ex. considerable also being used as important).

2.WaniKani companion - Like the notifications, being able to glance at my review pile, and the ability to work in a smaller window without opening new windows or tabs.

3.WaniKani augmenter - This has been the best thus far. I like the individual changes it has made - letting me fix mistakes, showing me the srs level of each word, etc. 

4. Self-study- litterally just added this. I plan on adding the Genki vocab into it, I think this will help me move through Genki quicker. I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t comment, but hopefully it will work well. 

5. Allicrab on ios - great program with lots of good info, makes doing my WK on the ipad much easier. 

That’s what I’ve been using, let me know if I am missing anything good! What works for you?