About the API And Third-Party Apps category

WaniKani has an API. With it you can make apps to improve WaniKani (or make it worse, as is sometimes the case). The API is stable, versioned, and provides you the ability to query and even post your own review data. Ask your questions about the API here.

WaniKani also has a vibrant community of script writers who built their own browser extensions to scratch their own itch. These script writers have been kind enough to share the customizations that help them learn Japanese with others. It is important to keep in mind that these customizations are not built on top of the stable API but instead tap into the ever-changing WaniKani Application code base, and as such they can and do break without notice.

You are free to use these customizations, or write your own (that is the beauty of the web), but please keep in mind that these are not and will not be supported by WaniKani. If you feel a customisation is useful, please do make a feature request by sending an email to hello@wanikani.com, and remember… be careful out there, kids.