April 23rd Daily Reading ブラックジャックによろしく: Community Reading Exercise

Yes I see it either like that (“ask me later”), or “please do after this”.

It depends on who is the subject of 頼む, and that I’m not sure.

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Vraiment content de te voir ici. J’espère que Shannon viendra elle aussi.

I’ll go and claim I

I’ve added two new fresh pages in the first page in case someone wants to claim something. I realise it’s not easy, I still find it very difficult but practice makes perfect as they say. Each mistake teaches me something.

I is straightforward. Basically he’s saying “what is it now”. I realise this is a bit curt but there isn’t really much else to say about this one.

I’ll go ahead and do J this time.

So Saitou, the main character, was just called by a doctor there who’s likely a teacher as well I would imagine.

Saitou says:

この先生【せんせい】that teacher…;
くない【はやくない】fast, negative present form;
けど:conj. however;
すごく: adv. immensely;
仕事【しごと】n. work;
『が』subject particle;
ていねい: ~な adj. polite, courteous;
だ: non-formal copula;
『な』sentence ending particle)

That teacher is not very fast but
That part I can manage without too much effort.

It’s the next part I struggle with:
すごく means ‘awfully, very, immensely’ and I don’t see how I can apply that to 仕事 which is a noun.

The it’s just “is courteous”… will need to ponder this one.

I’ll claim one last bit for today, letter K. (I mistakenly claimed K before but I was doing J actually.


《自分が病気『に』なったら 絶対大学病院『には』入院しないね…》

Will do the rest tomorrow, time for bed.

ていねい (丁寧) can also mean “careful, conscientious”; that’s probably the meaning here
=> “that professor… he isn’t fast, but (his) impressive work is conscientious

At first I understood that as him saying something like “but, those aren’t eels!” (remember he opened a belly, the intestines are visible).

What he said was somehow out of place, notice the looks of the present people.

I got the feeling that the professor lives on his old fame, but isn’t much able to do real surgery now.

自分が病気『に』なったら 絶対大学病院『には』入院しないね…》

Since no one is asking any question I’ll just do the vocabulary I’m not familiar with, no point in detailing everything if it’s not helping anybody.

病気【びょうき】(n.) Illness;
絶対【ぜったい】(adv.) definitely, absolutely;
入院しない【入院】(する v.) hospitalisation;

If you yourself get that disease you definitely won’t be hospitalised at a university hospital.

It says “if you become the disease” but I guess it means to catch it.

It seems more likely he talks about himself (If I myself get ill …)

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Ah yes of course, good catch. The absence of subjects is something that I still have to get used to.

I’ll claim L.

I’m sometimes completly lost noticing which reply is to which frame of the manga…

So here is an index.

There is now a Home page for Episode 3,
with an index of all texts.