[Yomichan Addon] JLPT and Wanikani Level Tags

Years ago I modified the JMDICT and KANJIDIC dictionaries to include tags for JLPT and WK levels. However, since WK has been adding and moving items recently, these dictionaries have become dated. As such I have created new dictionaries, this time separated from the JMDICT and KANJIDIC dictionaries.

These dictionaries contain only JLTP and WK information, that is they contain no actual information about the words and kanji. As such they are a lot easier to create and maintain, and I could easily set up a script to automatically update the WK dictionary every week to keep up with the changes that WK is making. So if you are bothered by some items not showing the correct WK level after an update, you can just reinstall the WK tag dictionary.

The tags are displayed as shown below

Download JLPT Tags

Download WK Tags


This is a great help. I’ve been using your old tags in conjunction with J-J dictionaries, but this way there will be no taking the easy way out and reading the JMDict entry.

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This is great. It seems like I need to switch back to JMDICT from your JMDICT+ so I don’t get duplicate tags?


Edit: Yup looks like JMDICT with these “tag” dictionaries looks correct