Yomitan Kanji -> Meaning Dictionary

I’ve made a Yomitan dictionary so you can easily lookup WaniKani meaning for a given kanji, hope it’s useful to anyone using it!

See here :slight_smile:


Neat! Is there any way the information could be hosted the same place the other kanji dictionaries host their info instead of with the vocab definitions? I feel like that would make it a bit easier to use.

It’d also be cool to have the mnemonics, too, and I’d kill for a Yomitan dictionary with the Keisei script info, but that might be beyond the scope of what you’re willing or able to do.

Thank you for sharing this!

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Try this: yomichan-kanji/yomichan-wk-kanji-info.zip · main · Lionel Flandrin / wkanki · GitLab

It adds a new entry in the kanji description with the Wanikani meanings, readings and keisei data:

Note that I don’t use the same database for keisei data that the script uses, so there may be some minor differences.


Thank you so much for sharing this!! This is a fantastic resource!

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Ah, I’m afraid I find it much easier with the normal vocab definitions as it’s separated - glad you found a resource that works for you though :slight_smile:

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