Question to level 60s (or anyone who is learning unincluded *useful* kanji)

So obviously WK does not include all of the N1 kanji in the program, but its kinda something you are going to have to learn anyways. My question is how did you guys learn the final 261 kanji. Since I’m not going to learn them on this website anyways, I would rather learn them sooner than later. Is there an anki deck I missed, or did you guys just learn them over time. Did you get lazy and not learn them at all?!?!

Seems like a better time than ever to start them, as I’m on thanksgiving break. Any and all help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

I found this :無限-infinity/15483/12

But I wasnt sure if that was the ones specifically not covered that are on N1, or if there is an anki deck for em.

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A lot of the kanji that are listed as N1 but aren’t on WK are highly unlikely to ever appear on the JLPT. This is because many kanji that are Jouyou Kanji are used in place names or people’s names, and that kind of this just isn’t tested on the JLPT. You certainly don’t need to study them extensively.


So in terms of reading ability, as thats whats actually important to me, they shouldn’t be a priority?

The WK stats site has them listed. Just go the JLPT section.

Some of them are useful but I’d recommend just focusing on vocabulary and picking them up as they become relevant in your readings.

Rip reading comprehension. I didn’t learn most of them and I haven’t seen most of them. After getting through WK my vocab was pretty terrible so I focused on that :x


Ah maybe I wasnt clear. I am aware of which kanji aren’t included. I was asking for HOW people study them. More specifically if there were any decks already made that I could use.

Yeah, I would recommend N1 vocab lists.


Yeah there’s an Anki deck by hinekidori that you can use. It’s called WKnai if I remember correctly.

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Short answer: extract the Kanji I want to learn → learn all common vocab / read the Kanji meaning in → handwrite the Kanji while recalling On and Kun readings.

Long answer:

This is the extra 20 levels:


Thank you very much! Ill give those a look, especially the common word finder thing.

As far as the remaining Kanji, the ones that are common you will come across in the wild, like 匂い, this
goes for non Joyo kanji as well like 掴む and 嬉しい, the ones that aren’t common, I wouldn’t worry too much about them. 匁 was only removed from the Joyo list in 2010 and fuck knows I’ve never seen that Kanji.

If you are talking the JLPT, the N1 likes to have at least one of the more obscure Joyo on the test usually, like 楼, 麓 and characters that only exist in the Japanese Constitution. 朕 the very first word of the constitution being a prime example.


Yeah ive kinda gotten that vibe. For some reason I just hate having to manually make flash cards when I’m reading, so I was wondering if there was some resource that would save me from that trouble down the road by familiarizing me with the kanji/words I wont learn on here/in lower level manga. Very surprising 嬉しい isnt in joyo…although it kinda just illustrates the point all the more that the n1 kanji isn’t something to be too concerned about i guess.

Well since the ~261 seems to be irrelevant when describing what Im going to need to learn after WK, Im curious what the actual number is. Assuming you or anyone else reads highschool level light novels/manga, how many kanji outside of the ones taught on WK would you say you needed to learn (or still need to)? Ive seen people say you need close to 800 kanji on top of the joyo, some people say you need at most 100.

Also saw that ninja edit lol. Did you pull up the constitution right after you posted? lol


I knew there was a kanji right at the start that was really rare, but I couldn’t remember what it was. So I meant to say that originally, but then after I posted just went and looked at it.

A number of very common Kanji were not even added until 2010, like 俺 and major-place-name-only Kanji such as in Osaka and Nara.

Anyways, I don’t think it’s an easy one to gauge, does anyone really need to learn 攘夷? Generally obscure Kanji like 燕尾 will come with Furigana anyway, even in adult material. It has been something like a year since I hit 60, and I haven’t done any explicit Kanji study since then, basically I just dealt with them when I hit words they were in.

Vocabulary will take up so much more of your time anyway, even in light novels you can have all kinds of shit. I came across 麗しい the other day, I doubt I’m ever going to see that again.

I also think name Kanji aren’t that big of a deal. You learn the common ones, which the most common names are Joyo anyway, and the others you just deal with them when you come across them.


Ah I think I understand. So you would rather opt to learn the more useful vocab that you don’t know rather than learning individual new kanji? Sort of going off of that, say I learn the word 嬉しい from your example earlier. Would you bother learning anything outside of the Kun reading and that words meaning? When you say you “deal with them” do you just learn about what concerns that particular vocab word or do you also learn the On reading and the kanjis own “individual meaning”?

As far as the “deal with them” comment, Well the meaning of Kanji in people’s names is a different story. Especially since there can be a variety of reasons the Kanji was chosen. Even in first names you have hereditary Kanji sometimes.

For a word like 嬉しい the only modern word that exists with the On reading is 嬉々, everything else uses the other reading. So if there is an On reading I’ll really only look at it if I know the phonetic component.

Then there are characters like 喰う, which I think is useless to explicitly learn as it is simply an artifact of older Japanese and means the same thing as 食う but actively studying 喰う is pretty pointless to do. Maybe after you have a 25,000 word vocabulary.


Makes sense, Ill keep this all in mind and tyvm for the replies. And jokes on you, I already know 喰 because of tokyo ghoul :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Probably the only “useful” thing to ever come out of that show…

I’ve actually never watched it.

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