Yomichan and Wanikani/JLPT tags?

I just found out today about the wonderful Rikaikun and Yomichan for Chrome. For the uninitiated like me, they’re extensions that let you hover over Japanese words to show the definitions. Rikaikun is super simple to set up but Yomichan has more oomph, and even has an amazing Anki integration that lets you create cards with literally one click. Why have I been living without these?

Anyways, I’m in love with the convenience Yomichan offers, but it’d be even more awesome if it could show JLPT or Wanikani levels for each word/kanji like in Jisho.org. I’m preparing for the N2 and am trying to create cards for words that are N2 and below, and not on WK.

Is there an existing dictionary that I can import besides the default ones? Or are there any savvy developers out there comfortable with large scale data massaging who could somehow extract that info from Jisho and whip up a dictionary to import into Yomichan? Or maybe there’s an easier way to do this altogether without Yomichan?

EDIT: Here’s what it looks like with some of the default dictionaries.
I just found out the ichi tag means it’s in the 1万語いちまんご語彙ごい分類集ぶんるいしゅう(link), a book of 10k common words published in 1998, P means “popular”, and news means it appears often in 毎日新聞まいにちしんぶん (link). I don’t know anything about that 10k book, but these tags are probably a good start.


I have been wanting to do this. I didn’t think I could, because I don’t understand the data structure of Yomichan or how to format a dictionary file to get it to display as I want it, but I think I could just modify the JMdict files to include JLPT and WK tags. Same with KANJIDIC.


Ok, I modified JMdict to include JLPT and WK levels. I’ll do KANJIDIC another time. No idea how to add color to the tags, but it works. Would be nice if I could embed links to the items on WK, but I don’t think that’s possible. Although I suppose you could make a script for that.



edit: changed link out for OP’s version which added color to the tags


Holy crap, you are amazing!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! If I may, how did you do that?

I took the liberty of poking through the code to see how tags work, and found out how to change the color and order.

First, it seems that tags in tag_bank.json work like this:

[name, keyword (popular, news, etc), order, description, ?]

Then, I found the official Yomichan repo, and in it there’s a CSS file that seems to control the colors based on keywords. Here’s a screenshot:

By changing the keyword to words like popular or frequent you can change the color according to the CSS file. And by changing the order to a smaller number (even negatives) you can get them to appear first in order.

With that, I moved the JLPT and WK tags to appear first and made them green, and also changed dictionary name to JMdict+. It looks like this now, which I’m happy with:

EDIT: download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=79263342286260674753


You add tags in a string at the end of each word object in the term banks. I did it by gathering lists of WK and JLPT words, importing the dictionary, then cross-referencing and appending the tags when there was a match. It was like 50 lines of code in total, so not all that difficult.

Thank you, I couldn’t find this myself. I just used another tag as a template.

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Added WK and JLPT info to KANJIDIC, too, for when you are looking up kanji.




Crushin it.

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Hi @Kumirei Just wanted to report this lil’ thingie I found. Maybe you’re aware of it already :caught_durtling:

The tags aren’t visible unless it’s in dark mode (which I’ve never used before). Is it just me or for everyone else too? Not sure how long I’ve been using Yomichan and your extensions, but I must have forgotten these tags were supposed to be there :sweat_smile: Found them again by randomly clicking and highlighting text


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I think this is probably due to you using my version (I couldn’t figure out how to add colour to the tags) of JMdict. OP’s version of JMdict and my KANJIDIC should display correctly

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This looks awesome.

I don’t know how to code or anything, but it does look fairly straightforward.

How would I go about adding Heisig Keywords and Numbers when I look up Kanji please?

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You would need to know how to code. What I did was get a list of WK and JLPT items then cross reference with the dictionaries to add the info to the dictionary items. That’s not something that you would want to do manually

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It seems like tinyupload isn’t working? Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I tried multiple browsers and checked isitdownrightnow and no luck. This looks really useful, so if there’s some other way I could download it that would be super great! :grin:


Hold on, I will upload to gDrive


edit: created a thread for it


Looks good, thank you!

Donezo washington. Glad to see you’re still maintaining this, and that people are using it! I still use Yomichan with these dictionaries every day.


Thanks! I use them as well, so I’ll make sure they’re available as long as I’m on the forums


Recently started using yomichan to make anki cards and already noticed I was adding stuff that would just show up in a few levels on WK. This will be incredibly useful for preventing duplicates, thanks!


@Kumirei First of all, thank you for your work! I just started using this, and it’s quite useful.

I am creating Anki cards out of it, in order to improve my vocabulary. I’d like to include the WK level in my cards, however using the {frequencies} marker doesn’t do anything. Do you know what marker I would need to use?

Thank you for your help!

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Sorry, I have no idea how that works