Add more vocab mod?

Just wondering, I’ve seen this mentioned before. Is there any mod that adds a ton of extra vocab for Wanikani? That would be awesome.

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I believe @Gorbit99 is working on and off on something that would make this feasible, but I there’s nothing polished so far


That would be awesome.

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Is it still on and off, if it’s barely on and mostly off?

But yeah, I’ve actually started work on it again, and I believe I solved the biggest issue


Do you have a patreon? XD

Why though? I know WK doesn’t all the words of the Japanese language, not even all of JLPT’s, but I think it’s just better to find them on your own, immersion and all that.

I would definitely use this app if it was in working order. Off the top of my head, I can think of several reasons someone might want to do so:

  • Keep the momentum using the WK workflow, even after finishing all the lessons
  • Get more vocab examples to practice problem kanji with
  • Cover kanji readings that are not included in WK
  • Retain words encountered in the wild without needing a second SRS
  • Get to full Joyo coverage (WK gets you so close, but not quite there)
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