What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

It would be nice if Community Synonyms and Blocklists can be made; for the sake of community checking of synonyms.

I saw Community Mnemonics, so thinking that this should be possible.

Extension request: something to practice similar items, you can select your own items before a session among the unlocked and can repeat them as many times as you want

Would you consider Item Inspector?

  • You can select your items by building a table for them.
  • If you install the KanjiDic2//Traditional Radicals optional filters you can use the Explicit List filter to create custom list of items. You can export your list to files a import them back at a later time.
  • You can use the Leech Training emulation mode to automatically add similar items. You can configure how similar you want your additional items with the settings. This works on any table. You are not limited to leeches despite the name of the feature.
  • You can then quiz yourself on the selected items with Self-Study Quiz. You can run the quiz as many times as you want.

With a little chance this will be good enough for you.


Thanks!! Definitely sounds like what I’m looking for :slight_smile: will try it

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The UI took me a while to figure out, but once I did, it became my go-to swiss-army knife for stuff like this.

If it can be extracted from the API you can almost certainly create a table for it. If you can create a table for it, you can create a quiz for it.

@prouleau added so many bells and whistles to that script that it can be a little overwhelming, but there’s little it can’t do. (I’ve yet to touch over half of the capabilities.)


Thanks, awesome to hear! I will dive into it and set it up next time I’m in front of my computer. I really want to use something like that, because when there is a kanji showing up in my review in WK that has similar counterpart, I can remember which one I’m supposed to guess because I remember the SRS level (not the exact one but I remember that one is in the apprentice rotation while the similar kanji is probably Guru or more), so I want to create those tables and quiz to practice actually being able to tell which kanji is which based on radicals and so on so I will be able to exactly recognize them in the wild

I think this is the place to request? first time forum user :slight_smile:
I would like someone to integrate these two into one with the same style. I love them both, but they have clashing styles and I don’t know enough coding to do it myself.


Not sure if someone has tried this.

In my eyes, it’s probably best if a desktop app is made, probably with Electron, so as to have app versioning and can downgrade; unchanging web UI, that won’t break User Scripts (compat mode to allow website scripts to run in desktop app); and unchanging web browser, that’s why Electron.

Is there any script which will auto-play audio also on meaning reviews (as long as the reading has already been correctly submitted - so if the meaning is asked before the reading then it shouldn’t play it)?
I currently use Review Audio Tweak 2 Fork but that unfortunately seems to break the Double Check script…

Is there any script which will allow me filter lessons by letting me choose the exact items to study? For example, it would list all the items in the queue, and I could click on the ones I want to learn selecting them for the lesson up to my selected batch size. I currently do this through the Jakeipuu mobile app but I would like to be able to do this on desktop as well (especially since there’s no guarantee this app will work forever with it seemingly not being maintained anymore). I use it to learn kanji in the same order they show up on the progress section of the dashboard while using Dashboard Progress Plus to reorder them.

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I think you might be able to use the filter from this script in reorder omega?

I can’t seem to get this filter to show up in Reorder Omega, although this did get me to take a closer look at the filter options already available and there are Radical List, Kanji List, and Vocabulary List options that work the same. The only trouble is that I don’t know if leaving those lists blank filters out all of the item type and that I don’t have an easy way of selecting the specific items I want to keep for the lesson (can’t easily copy paste from the dashboard progress section because each tile is a link). Thanks for the help though!


Those list filters are provided by the list script :slight_smile:
I haven’t used those filters myself so I’m not sure how they work either, but if they do filter out other types you can add a freeze and restore action to bring back the other items so that you can filter them again without affecting the first filter.


  1. Filter specific radicals
  2. Freeze & Restore
  3. Filter specific kanji
  4. Freeze and restore
  5. Filter specific vocab

What you end up with is only the items you specified, although they will be sorted by type (now I am thinking about adding an unfreeze action type to omega…)


Script to batch add synonyms (or remove when unnecessary), for example, Radicals. This will also easily allow Community Synonyms.

a Radical

I missed some synonyms actually – big clam or big shellfish.

Also, script to allow warning lists to be entered as correct.

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is there a script to limit the time an item is on screen during review?

for example I would like for an item to appea for 3s on screen, if I dont answer correct (I use anki script) it automatically marks it as incorrect and goes to the next item.


There is! Not sure if this is still working, though. It’s very old


Black list / Warning list / Kanji reading emphasis tweaks; as well as, allow warned synonyms.

Actually, I realized that this can be done.

var c = $.jStorage.get('currentItem')
c.auxiliary_readings = []
$.jStorage.set('currentItem', c)

I haven’t thought about UI of the script yet, though.

I’m working on a Chrome extension (which will be available for all major browsers) that will do exactly all of this. I’m not sure if people will be able to directly contribute to your deck but they can certainly “fork” it. I’ll update you when it’s closer to release!


Adding accepted answers to warning list or ban list.

Of course it would prefer more if this makes into a native feature.

User warning list. I am not sure I want to add some things as a synonym.