Quick add-in that might help people a lot

What if when you are learning new kanji it shows you other kanji that are similar so you don’t get them mixed up? I never use the page where it shows you future vocab words but I would definitely use a screen that shows “don’t get me mixed up with these other kanji”

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You might be interested in this script:
[Userscript] Niai 似合い Visually Similar Kanji

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Wow that looks like it would definitely help! Thank you!

Does that only work for the app? I prefer doing lessons on the computer because I can type answers faster.

It’s meant for the computer. You can’t add scripts to the apps (which are all unofficial) anyways.

Oh cool. Do I just download the script and it will automatically start working or do I have to activate it somehow?

There’s a thread here about how to add userscripts. There’s also a giant post listing userscripts here but it may be a little overwhelming if you’re new to them, and some of them are out of date/broken. Still, it could be useful to take a look at the list and see if any of them appeal to you.

One to take a look at that wouldn’t affect your base experience much is Jitai, which randomizes the fonts you see the kanji in. It gives you practice in recognizing the kanji even when they have slight variations, which I’ve found helps them stick in your brain a little bit better as well. You’re forced to pay a little bit more attention to the radical breakdown, which is also useful in distinguishing similar kanji.

The links in that thread will also direct you to the places to download the fonts!


Yeah that sounds like it could really help! Thank you sooo much for taking the time. I owe you big time! And now I have something new to learn about - scripts! Thank you again, - Matt

No problem, best of luck!

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