What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Is there a userscript that will always play the audio pronounciations for correct vocab words? Tsurukame does this, but I can’t see to find one that does this on WK

It’s a builtin feature, go into your settings, and under app, you have this option both for reviews and lessons


Is there a user script that could change the background of a wrong answer (red) into something … less intense? When I’m not doing well in my reviews, seeing it multiple times in a row makes me stabby.

Som soothing pink instead?

Oooh looks nice!

Install Stylus or a similar userstyle extensions, and click on this link to install it

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I want a script that will instantly make me fluent :slight_smile:


Ohhh it worked! Thank you so much!


Is there a userscript that allows you to just simply click on a Kanji while doing reviews, and have it open to the relevant WaniKani page?

Since it’s a pretty quick thing to do, I just went ahead and made a script for myself. It’s a pretty weird thing to want, but if anyone else might find some use here’s a link to use it yourself.

It just makes the Kanji characters in the item your reviewing clickable without having to expand the more item info section. I personally want this because I have another userscript that shows the stroke order on that page so it saves a lot of time


Is there a userscript that overrules WaniKani’s default “3 vocabulary examples max during kanji lessons” behavior to show ALL of the vocab that WaniKani has featuring that kanji? A key part of my memorization strategy for kanji is to look at or recognize the vocabulary it’s used in, so it would be nice to see all the options.

If someone wants to go above and beyond, I’d love if there was some way to see examples of vocab using the given kanji that AREN’T on WaniKani too. Maybe like set your own ideal number of vocab examples and after the WaniKani ones the next most common vocab (or a random selection of vocab marked common on JMdict) are filled in until that number is reached or it runs out of options. Since every once in a while (鬼 comes to mind) there aren’t a lot of vocab words on the site, even when the kanji is used in other words.


Can anyone make this? :eyes:

The one linked above stopped working today.

Sorry! My domain didn’t auto-renew for some reason, but it should be working now :man_bowing: ごめんね


I’m a browser/app hybrid user, and am starting to study more seriously for the 漢字検定. One feature of Flaming Durtles that I really like is the ability to quiz on both onyomi and kunyomi readings before marking the review as completed. Does any extension like this exist currently?

Hi Sinyaven! :durtle_hello: This script has been working perfectly until today. I assume it broke due to a change in the profile page layout. May I ask for an update? :pray:

As a side note, this tab thingie won’t close after clicking the icon I’ve circled as number 2 (but refreshing the page works). Only happens when I have this script active.


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I have updated the script so that it works for me again, but I was not able to replicate the problem you have described in the screenshot. And the “Log Out All” button was still appearing for me even with the old script version. In case the new version still has these problems, can you check for any errors in the browser console (see step g in this guide)?

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I don’t know what was going on with the old version, literally none of the pop-up-y clicky things on the page worked. Like these clicky things, no reaction at all:
image or image

But the new version works so it’s all good. Thank you so much! :durtle_love:

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I use an old script called WaniKani Links for this. It creates a pop up with the option to view it on Jisho, too, which you might draw inspiration from.

WaniKani Review Vocabulary List.. I agree with your general philosophy about learning kanji (in context >>>> in isolation), so this script is basically mandatory for me.

I do use that script, but unfortunately that’s for vocabulary during reviews. I’m specifically talking about when you’re learning kanji during lessons and you get given those (up to) three vocabulary examples that the kanji is used in.

Is there a script that adds a clock or timer, to see how much time has passed form the moment you started doing reviews? I’d love to have something like that to not lose track of time while doing bunch of reviews