[Userscript Request]

I didn’t see many people replying on “what do you want now?” thread, so I figured I should just make a separate topic. Secondly, a script like that may already exist and if that’s the case I apologise for wasting your time with this topic and kindly ask you to post the link to that script.

On some occasions when doing lessons or reviews, the mnemonic says for example “The readings are both on’yomi so you should already know this.” and you have no idea of that reading or  you fail an item and want to learn it again, so you read the same mnemonic from the previous clause, but you also feel that reading is foreign to you respectively. There are times a reading is only introduced via vocab, but that same reading is used in other vocab, which just tell you you already learned it (somewhere), but when you don’t know it and open the kanji page the mnemonic for that reading is not there. How do I relearn that reading now?

The desired script would either:

  • add the links of the vocab which contain other readings’ mnemonics or the mnemonics themselves to the respective kanji page (though I don’t know if the API makes something like that possible)
  • add the links of the vocab which contain the used reading’s mnemonic or the mnemonic itself to each separate respective vocab page (still not sure if that is possible within the provided API)
  • generate a list which would contain all vocab, of which the reading mnemonics are not posted in their respective kanji pages (not the most useful)
The most useful solution to this problem would probably be if someone were to manually copy each reading of which mnemonic is not displayed on its kanji page and post it as a community mnemonic on that same kanji page.

I completely agree with this and have mentioned it years back. It shouldn’t even need to be a  Userscript but a site-wide feature. If the reading for word X uses a mnemonic already taught in word Y, yes refer back to that reading (‘the reading is the same as the one you learnt in word Y blah blah’), but there should either be a hyperlink or a pop-up that makes the mnemonic for word Y appear when you click it.

So I agree with your need, but really feel it should be something the site should already provide. Either that or at least have controlled lesson ordering so that the lessons are still mostly random, but word X should never be learnt before word Y.

A lot of features provided within userscrpits should be made a part of the site, but they seem to be very slow with user-required functions or they still think what they provide is good enough. Honestly, I don’t know if I would buy it id it weren’t for userscrpits, the typos would really slow down leveling, and the community mnemonics have saved me quite some time.