What can I reset if I reset my account?

It’s been taking me such a long time to get through my current level that I’m considering doing a reset. But what I actually want to reset is not my level but rather, how my lessons and reviews come up and in what order.

Back when I was a young, wet-behind-the-ears little durtle and had just joined WK, I clicked on some account settings that allowed me to determine whether my radical, kanji, and vocab lessons came up in order, or shuffled, the review interval, the timing of new lessons, what percent I had to get correct in order to unlock the next set of lessons etc. I distinctly remember setting these ( please don’t tell me I imagined it! :slight_smile: )

Two-ish years on, I feel like I need to change those, because it’s taking a very very long time to unlock new lessons now, but I can’t find any way to do it other than using the reorder script, which I’m all thumbs with. There’s nothing in the dashboard that would let me change such settings, that I can find.

If I take the plunge , hit that big red button, and reset, will I get a chance to change those settings or will it default back to what I already have?


You must’ve imagined it… sorry :no_mouth:

WK’s SRS intervals are always 4h / 8h / 1d / 2d / 1w / 2w / 4w / 4m. You always have to have 90% of the kanji on a level Guru’d to move to the next level. Perhaps there are some scripts out there that could affect this, but definitely not default WK.

You can choose if lessons are shuffled or in order though (Settings>App>Lesson Ordering).


Argh. I hate my old lady brain. But thanks for the tip on the lesson order reset.


I think some apps allow some flexibility how your items come up for review. Like Tsukurume allows to set review order to current level first, random order, or srs level order. Maybe that’s what you referring to? Otherwise, these are not Wanikani default, to my knowledge, but additional scripts/functionality supplied by specific apps.

Scripts could definitely not affect this.

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What I’m really looking for is something that’ll let me order the lessons so that I get all the radicals first, then kanji, then vocabulary, and order the reviews by level.

Perfect, because that’s exactly what the reorder script do. :grinning:

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Reorder Ultimate has all those features, I’d say. ^^

That, or the Lesson Filter, which lets you fill in the boxes how many of what type you want in your lesson batch (which is then also customizable to be as big or little as you want.)

But then I have learn how to use scripts. So far I’ve been really unsuccessful with that.

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Let me know if you need any help. :slight_smile: I don’t mind throwing links at you in the order that you need to install things and talking you through it. It’s nice to have the options to customise WK further.


You must have used an app. because I vaguely remember when I used an app it has these options.

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Also in the settings of the regular website you can order lessons in order. Radicals=>kanji=>vocab. With these settings you have to finish the previous level’s vocab before moving on the next level’s radicals.

Edit: But you can’t order the reviews still.

I can’t find the setting for that; can you share?

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That doesn’t say anything except ‘ascending order’, which I have selected, and I still get the radicals, kanji and vocabs shuffled…

You don’t see the ‘ascending level, then subject’ option?

Edit: the ‘ascending order’ isn’t even an option in my menu. Can you send a screenshot?

Also, you are aware that this only affects lesson ordering, not reviews?

Maybe you missed my edit the first time around. As far as I know the only way to order reviews is by using a script.

That’s the setting I have my account on, but it’s not working the way I expected it would.

To clarify, I was hoping to find a way to learn and burn the radicals first, then kanji, then vocab for each level.

You mean burn a radical before you even see the kanji lessons associated with it?

Or only when they are up for burning you want to burn them in the order you learned them in?

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Yes. Or at least guru. And do all the radicals in the level before getting any kanji. For me that would go a lot faster than the current way.

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Burning takes months (at least 6!).

Guru is already a prerequisite for unlocking the kanji associated with the radical. Same with kanji and vocab.

At the start of a level you do get a bunch of new kanji lessons based on previous levels’ radicals. And a bunch of new vocab lessons based on previous levels’ kanji.

The most you can do with these standard included settings options as far as I can think of, is

  1. get all of the previous level vocab lessons done before starting on the current level lessons.
  2. If you feel you can handle more items in your apprentice queue, you can do only the radical lessons (adjust the lesson batch size as needed, you might need to throw a kanji in there)
  3. If you feel you can still handle some more items in apprentice, do some of the kanji lessons.

But doing things this way will have you go through a level really slowly.

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