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Hi guys!

I took a break from WaniKani for a few months and now, after working through waaaaay too many reviews, I am back to learning new Kanji. The lessons used to be Radicals --> Kanji --> Vocabulary, which was for me the best way to learn them. But now they’re all mixed up! Does anyone know how I can sort them back to their old order?


There are reordering options in your settings. On the first page of settings. However, with the defaults, if you take “shuffled” off, the only other options require you to first complete items from previous levels before getting to the newest ones.

If you want complete control, you need the reorder script.

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I think I know what’s going on. The default lesson order is “ascending level then subject”. You can double check in your settings, but you probably still have it set that way. However, when you were gone, they did a huge content overhaul, including adding new radicals and reordering existing content. Therefore, the lessons will include anything from levels you’ve already completed first, even if it’s seemingly random radicals, kanji, and vocab. Once you get through that and get back to the content at your current level, it should go back to normal.


I just came back myself a fortnight ago after 4 months off and would agree with seanblue’s comment - you could have a look at (with locked items turned off) and get a quick overview of items that have been introduced / changed level / otherwise modified and therefore reset to your lessons queue.

Yes, that seems to be what happened and now it’s back to normal! Thank you everyone :3


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