New lesson order always kanji first

This never used to be a problem but recently Everytime I unlock new lessons I get 5 kanji in a row and this is regardless of the lesson order settings, I tried every combination of the settings and no matter what everytime I click unlock I get 5 kanji. This makes it a little difficult cause I prefer mixing some vocab words learning 5 new kanji everytime can be difficult. Any idea how to fix this?

You tried using the “Shuffled” setting? If that’s not working, you might want to tag Viet.

If you don’t mind using scripts, you could always use the reorder script or my new filter script which has a shuffle button.

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Shuffled setting? I don’t see one like that. This is on mobile for the record. I will try using your script thanks

You need to go into your app settings on the website. You should be able to do it even on mobile. They changed the way lessons are ordered recently.

Lesson ordering
Set the ordering of lessons.
Choose “Shuffled”

That will make it like it used to be.


If you’re using the pink Android app, I don’t think it’s been updated for this as it’s a recent change, and remember that all mobile apps are products of the community, not products of WaniKani.

That being said, I am dealing with my first experience with this, and I use the pink app, so no shuffle. My experience: I’ve been dragging my feet on lessons, but I just leveled up anyway and so now I have 114 lessons backed up. Will I get new kanji first or the vocab from level 9? If it gives me new kanji first then I could be in trouble…

You answered this while I was writing that^^ . That answers half if MY questions, thanks.

No account settings can be changed within any app. The apps are just a shell to use the review and lesson functionality, they don’t give you access to your profile.

If you haven’t chosen “shuffled” you will always get lower level stuff first.


It should give you your level 9 vocab first if you leave it with the new settings. As an example I had some random lower level items that had gotten added along the way (like from levels long past) and they’d kept getting lost in the shuffled lessons. With this new thing, they got pushed right to the front which was nice.

Still not sure I am liking the bombardment of kanji up front, but giving it a go for this level at least. Not like I can go any slower!
Also congrats on 60 @Leebo.


You can change your default lessons ordering in the site’s settings. Here’s the explanations of how each works:

Yea that did it! Thanks! But the setting is only available to change from the site but it will effect the app.

That is correct. The apps don’t modify order as far as I know, in fact, the apps have internal browsers so when you do reviews in the app, you’re actually in a browser and on the WK website.

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