Lessons are still ordered (but now with old and new options)

Like that weirdo best friend who disappeared for a few days to find themselves, our old friend Shuffler is back.

If you prefer the old way of sorting, head on over to the App settings to reactivate and be back to cracking a few beers with Shuffler.

Following up on Lessons are now ordered.

Here comes a new challenger:


Thanks Viet! Love you :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Thanks for being so accommodating guys. I know it’s hard/impossible to please everyone.


Thanks so much for listening to our opinions about this :clap:

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@viet Thank you so much!

If it’s not too much trouble, is it possible to have an option of ascending levels then shuffled (ie, sort lessons by level, but shuffle items within that same level), or is that too difficult to do?

I think at that point you may as well install the reorder script, that way you can do pretty much anything (including choosing which levels appear in which order.

This is something we discussed internally. Still deciding on this one. We don’t want to just be adding order options for the sake of having them for various reasons. Want to make sure if it makes sense to do so first.

For the time being the goal was to add back the old sorting option for those who prefer it.


I have it installed on my pc, but I’m more likely to be doing WK on mobile and it doesn’t work on mobile. :disappointed:

The WK borg has assimilated the reorder script (at least part of it).

Next: ultimate timeline!


Trying to appease the masses to prevent the great lesson-order civil war, huh. Well it won’t work, blood has already been drawn, and the shufflers won’t take this lying down. TO BATTLE, SHUFFLERS! THE TYRANNY OF ORDERED LESSONS WILL FALL!

just kidding i have no horse in this fight



Hello! My name is Alex and I hope to learn Japanese!


Never thought I’d live to see Robert Downey Jr. represent order.


Yay! Thank you so much, Viet! <3


Good turnaround time. Thanks.

I’ve always been Team Cap (even on Marvel Ultimate Avengers 2, I’ve got the trophy, “I’m with Cap”…)

Now moreso than ever. <3


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I’m sorry to be that guy… but I only wish for WK’s best.

@viet Every time someone levels up, will they get the vocab or the radicals from the new level first?

This new thing about the categories not being shuffled… Wouldn’t it be best if the options were “shuffled” OR “radicals/kanji/vocab” first (choose what you see first)? This way, it would give flexibility to everyone and it wouldn’t cause any extra conflict. This whole situation would be solved for good.

I also think that the reviews should continue being shuffled. Otherwise it would only estimulate people to facilitate on their reviews and the whole thing could become problematic.

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Thanks Viet :smiley: Much love from across the ocean <3

I think I still like my radicals first and then the rest shuffled (vocab & kanji) since I usually do them at 1-2 go anyway, soooo…“shuffled” option + reorder script, just like the olden days ^^

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Currently you would get the previous level vocab. Then next level radicals.

Reviews are still shuffled.

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