Hi everyone, I am kind of lost on where I saw something like “regrouping”. Is there a way to choose what you review first in wk so as to level faster or something. Help.

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That would be the reorder script.

Here’s a visual guide on how to install them.

And (not trying to overwhelm you but) The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


Thank you, the reorder script I guess doesn’t work on Android, I wanted to know if any userscipt that can be installed in my phone, I usually do my lessons and reviews while commuting to work and some places with my phone handy. Don’t always have to to sit on the laptop for wanikani.
Right now I am getting overwhelmed by lots of vocabs and some time I will have just 15 munites When I would love to focus on kanji or radical, it’s frustrating to spent those moment doing vocab.
Just want to get these things separated so when I have time I can do them at random otherwise, I can focus on kanji and radical to level up . Help please.

I was using Android for a while and it worked fine with Firefox + violentmonkey.

I made a little modified version that always applies the settings automatically and stays collapsed because I always want the same settings anyway: Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 (irrelephant mod)

My copy is based on this version: Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2 Embe Mod

I have lost track of which Reorder script is the “right”/original one but this one definitely worked for me when I was using it a month ago, that is all I can say.

You also might find this thread helpful: Userscripts on Android (Browser)

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