Streak counter for WaniKani?

I was just on a website I use for coding practice and saw, “23 days in a row!” and felt really awesome.

Went to the site I practice math on. “Day 5” Feels great.

WaniKani? Just a huge number of reviews I have to do.

To be honest, I would LOVE if WaniKani had a streak counter, just to at least show how many days in a row you’ve done reviews. I find the “don’t break the chain” thing to be pretty motivating, and since the only thing I think of when I think about WaniKani is how much I have to do, I don’t want to log in sometimes. But if I were gonna lose my streak for not doing SOMETHING each day (which would probs lead to doing all of it), I’d do it every day.

Anyone else interested in that?

Related: Do any other programs you use for studying etc. have motivating elements that WaniKani doesn’t have?


there’s a heatmap script! hold on, lemme find it


I really wish there was a feature like that. The heatmap does have a count which is something, but it doesn’t really stick out like the things you mentioned.

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No. This is among my least favorite feature on websites. The bigger the high the bigger the crash, and seeing a hundreds-long streak drop to zero because you missed one day can absolutely destroy your motivation. I much prefer a simple “total days studied” indicator.


That would be nice, too.

That’s def better than nothing. Thanks!

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