“Streak” Idea—Correct Answer Combos/Chains

I don’t know if I’m the only person who feels this way, but the % correct up in the corner is a great motivator for me. If I dip below 95% I usually slow down and if I go into the 90-94% range I really try to think carefully before answering so I can raise it back up.

On the same sort of note, I’d love to see WaniKani count your correct streaks as well to see how long you can chain/combo correct answers.

I see that someone had a similar thought quite awhile ago, but it didn’t get that much traction: Is there a streak plugin? - #5 by SupahMamaLuigi

Maybe there’s more support out there now?

It does! In the top right corner (at least on desktop), by the little trophy, it shows your correct streak and then in parenthesis it shows your record!

Really?! I’ll have to look! This is while you’re doing reviews right?

I usually do WK on my iPad so I guess I haven’t ever noticed. No reviews up at the moment to see for myself :frowning:

Yes, during reviews. Also, the ignore button still resets it so you actually have to chain it.

Now I’m just hoping it’s not part of a script I have and just didn’t realize… I don’t think it is, though, I think it’s stock.



Sadly it isn’t stock… :frowning:


Which scripts do you have installed @shadykit?

I think this should do what you are looking for.

Yep, I have that one. That’s probably it.

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