A bug and I lost my streak, Wanikani Heatmap

I didn’t wanted to do something like that but it happend, a bug and I lost my streak :confused:
I’m sure that I did a review on April 26, I even burned some items (see screenshots), but it didn’t count on the heatmap on now I’m back to 0.

Is there anyway to fix that ? It was really motivating to have my streak, it allowed me to be regular in my learning, but now it went away for no reason…

Thank’s for the help !


Go to the heatmap thread and get the update. Now it will track your reviews locally on the computer you use the script + do your reviews. It’s no longer possible to track reviews across multiple apps or different devices however.

See @Gorbit99 post for details about the recent changes.


This didn’t fix the issue :confused: but thank you !

Try to post in the heatmap thread and let Kumirei get back to you about you loosing your streak. :eyes: From what I read there, that might be possible, even if the data of already complete reviews cannot be retrieved anymore.

Yeah, that’s sad.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me this morning. Good Bye, Dear Streak. You have kept me going through crazy times.

The script update only works if you’ve been doing reviews with it already installed. Since it tracks the reviews itself now.
The quick consolidation is that once (and tbh if) another way gets implemented on the wanikani side, your streaks will come back. Until then, I’ll try to create a quick solution for fixing a streak after the fact until the issue persists.


With Kumirei’s heatmap, opening up the console (either F12, or Ctrl+Shift+I), and pasting in the following piece of code:

window.review_cache.insert([[+(new Date("2023-04-27"))+200, 1, 1, 0, 0]])

should add a single bogus review on that day. This only fixes the streak, which I assume is plenty for most people.
Changing the date of course changes which day the bogus review gets added to


It works ! Thank you for your time ! :smiley:


It worked well for me aswell
Thank you so much for this solution !


Thank you it worked for me also ! :blush:
Can you also give us the code for adding a lesson ? I tried with lesson_cache, but it didn’t work :pensive:

(for information for macOS chrome users, the console is opened with option + command + j)

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I don’t think you can, this only works because the heatmap has to store the reviews locally. Unless I’m wrong, it doesn’t do the same thing for lessons.


Lessons are few enough that they don’t need the same level of caching, so there is no lesson cache. Also lessons are still tracking as they should, it’s just reviews that don’t work anymore


Yes it’s working perfectly for lessons !

But one time because of jetlag my heatmap got a miss, and I wanted to repare this if possible :slight_smile:

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Sadly there’s no solution for that

Ok. Thank you for answering anyway!

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