Looking for script that forces you to enter every reading

Hi! I just reset from Level 5 → Level 1, and one of the things I remember reading about when I was active previously was a user script (or browser addon?) that forces you to enter all the readings for a kanji. I’ve searched the forum trying to find it, but have had no luck. Does anyone know the name of this tool?

Thank you!


Actually, I don´t think you need such a script as you will see most of the possible readings in the vocabulary comming next. And I think vocab helps you remeber much better the different readings of the kanji, but that´s a personal opinion :slight_smile:


Haven’t checked if this still works and I don’t see it forcing multiple input but there is this userscript:

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It should still work, if not I can fix it.

@yomna if you think it’s necessary I could look into adding an option to force input of all readings? Or is the current system okay for your purposes?

Thank you, I will take a look at the script soon <3

Alternatively there’s this script:

It gives you the option to display all possible answers automatically if there are more than one.